Thursday, April 05, 2007

God I feel like hell tonight

That song has been stuck in my head all afternoon. It is exactly how I feel. Headache, nauseousness, the whole bit. The weather is changing with a cold front coming in and my head is making sure I know it. I had plans to go out with the girls tonight and unfortunately am the one organizing it so I am forcing myself to do it. Cross your fingers I have fun any way!

Update: Thanks for the crossed fingers! I had a BLAST. Funny thing, the headache disappeared as soon as I dropped the kids off with Brando. Hmmm now isn't that strange. hehe first thursday was amAzing. It was perfect 75 degree weather and PACKED, but we rock - we totally found a secret parking area that was completely empty next to the very restaurant we were meeting up at. We walked, and talked, and shopped. Didn't buy a thing but had such a good time chatting. I'm totally filled up on my girlie time - good thing too because I was desperately needing it!



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