Friday, April 20, 2007

Quality Time

Last week we kept track of our time for a class project. It surprised me to see how LITTLE time I spend with my family, i.e. not watching TV or a movie or taking a walk or eating or being around others but actual interaction with them. As a Mom there are always Mom duties, but for actual one on one interaction with my kiddos or my hubby there were zero hours. Actual time spent with the family was only six hours. We did go camping this weekend but that wasn't really family time because we each had our group of moms, dads, or kiddos to hang out with and didn't interact with each other.

Yesterday I set out to change the amount of time I spend with my family and spent an hour and a half making a pretend zoo with Shawn and doing a puzzle with him. He set out every single one of his stuffed animals very cutely for his zoo and then gave me his plastic animals to set up for my zoo. Then I bought a gecko, several tigers, and a few dragons from his zoo. Afterwards we did his cheetah puzzle he got in his Easter basket. It was actual one on one time and it was wonderful. Too bad it didn't translate to well behaved little boy later on but whatever! He's missing his Daddy.



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