Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bluebonnet Pictures

In the spring a gorgeous phenomenon happens here in the hill country of Texas. The bluebonnets bloom. Small blue flowers that burst into life up and down the highways and covering fields and meadows with their brilliant blue. It happens for only a few weeks each year and in those few weeks countless people tramp out in the center of them for their bluebonnet pictures.

Brando had his heart set on getting bluebonnet pictures this year. In the past I have been entirely unimpressed. Coming from California with a colorful array of as many flowers as you could imagine the bluebonnets have never quite held a candle to my imagination of color. This year was different. The drive to find our bluebonnet space was breathtaking in itself, the perfect 80 degree weather with the sun shining through the sunroof crisping the skin on my shoulder from a tan to a burn. The places Brando found to take pictures absolutely floored me. Never did I imagine our Texas had such beauty. And the pictures? Even more so.

Brando set up his tripod to take these pictures of him and I and ones of our family. The smiles on our faces and the sunshine outlining our profiles and highlighting the silhouettes of our bodies in this one takes my breath away.

This one makes my heart skip a beat.

This barn and the next two pictures with the wisteria and the windmill are of the gorgeous setting we found to take pictures in a beautiful little ranch subdivision when we drove out towards Dripping Springs.

These next few are in another subdivision out towards Dripping Springs called Belterra. They were having a bike race through the neighborhood (you can see the orange cone set up in the last picture) as we stopped to take pictures in the bluebonnets.

My boys absolutely love to pick me flowers and do any time they see one. I have a collection of dried bluebonnets and pink poppies on the dashboard of my car. It makes me melt everytime they pick me a flower, be it a dandelion to make a wish with, a bluebonnet, or an array of fresh spring flowers.



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