Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I'm kind of late on the bandwagon, but happy easter any way!! I hope you and yours had an amazing day filled with family and love.

What did you do for Easter?

We tried out a new church this morning that's conveniently across the street. Shawners has gone to VBS at this place before and I was bowled over by how comfortable he was as he is hardly ever comfortable in new large groups of people. He says, "I like this church the best. I loved playing tag in here." and "I like these seats. I like these comfort seats." I caught him smiling and paying attention the whole time (whilst folding paper airplanes out of index cards). He was so excited to run out and get the gift bag with goodies in it that they had mentioned. He opens it and says, "It's a big muffin." It was a loaf of banana bread.

Afterwards, we had brunch at Iron Cactus with my sister, her husband, and her three boys. This is the first Easter we have spent with family, besides when we lived in California. I thought of the idea of going to my favorite meal ever together, brunch, and made reservations at Iron Cactus, which has the best brunch buffet in Austin, three weeks ago, and have been so excited about it since. It was just as pleasant and wonderful as I had hoped. It was also very special, as one of my nephews is getting married in June and it will likely be the last meal we will have all together with just the nine of us.

After brunch, Brando slept for two hours on the couch while the boys and I sat next to him and played with the silly putty they got in their Easter baskets and egg hunt this morning. Who knew silly putty could be entertaining for two hours. He loved that we quietly played next to him while he napped.

This evening, we went to watch Rio which was cute, then, ended the evening with a cookie cake Shawners had picked out and candles for Brando's birthday.

It was a pleasant sort of day.


Ashley said...

So glad you had a HAPPY Easter day! :)

Here's hoping for a happy week ahead! :)

pinksundrops said...

Ashley - To you, too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - loving your blog!

Sonya said...

Your Easter sounds like it was perfectly lovely.

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - It was. Can't wait to hear about yours!


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