Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip Outfits

I always love visiting California, besides family and friends and being my hometown, I get the best outfit inspiration there, and the weather is perfect for any combination of clothing. The sunshine, the casualness, and the free spirit lend themselves to trying new combinations.

In Santa Cruz, it was a little too chilly to wear a straight up miniskirt (I don't care if I'm turning 30, I'm still wearing them :) -- and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one), so I wore leggings under it, a black tank, a black short-sleeve jacket that I adore, the silver sandals I love that M and Li bought me for my birthday a few years back, and tons of jewelry, for lunch at Crow's Nest, going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and a few beaches. This was the first time I'd worn a ton of bracelet bangles and I'm in LOVE. I threw deconstructed teal earrings together with metal bangles, a pearl bracelet, silver bangles, a rhinestone bracelet, and royal blue bangles. Perfect.
and an obligatory photo of the guest bedroom that will no longer be, but replaced by something even better...
To see Point Lobos in Big Sur, I wore my fav skinny jeans with one of my favorite sexy but casual grey stripe off the shoulder shirts, along with my earrings from our second trip to Hawaii, and my new favorite self-made set of bangles.
For ATV riding in Pismo Beach, it was skinny jeans and a t-shirt, a necklace Shawners made for me out of red and purple paperclips, my favorite black earrings, my new "fill in" heart bracelet as I had forgotten the one Brando got me for our first anniversary at home, and a newsboy hat to keep the hair from going crazy since we had massages scheduled, then a dinner date with my childhood best friend later that evening.


ashley nicole catherine said...

super cute! yay austin... i'm a native austinite and get back as often as i can.

thanks for stopping by my blog! yours is great and now following :)


PattyAnn said...

outfits are the most important part of traveling! at least that's what i believe in my head ;)

pinksundrops said...

Ashley - So glad you came by and are following! I added you instantly when I came across your blog :) . So fun to know you're a native Austinite!

PattyAnn - Absolutely :) !


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