Friday, April 22, 2011

A Boys' Birthday Wish List

Brando doesn't often assert what he wants to do, except for watch TV shows and movies, a BIG plus in his book. So for his birthday I told him my gift was NOT planning anything -- not even formulating plans in my head like I generally do. Oh, I did formulate plans, but didn't expect us to stick to them like I normally do even when they're just in my head. Boy, am I glad I didn't plan anything as it would've entailed absolutely none of these! Here is his birthday weekend wish list he just dictated to me (FINALLY! I've been asking him for weeks - I guess it took him til today!) that makes me laugh out loud (in a he's-so-cute way):

Biking (not in this weather)
Barton springs as an alternate (my idea)
Listen to loud music

Hang out with mar and tim
Hang out with boys and me
Go to town lake
B and I do something
Do something photog oriented - photo walk
8000 worth of photography equip - 4k cam & 4k computer (with him knowing this is completely ridic)
Enjoy weather by pool

See movies - even vegetative movies at home, entire day of firefly or LOTR
Sit down and play oblivion and beat the damn game

Good thing he has a three day weekend to actually do some of them!


Sonya said...

That's quite the list! Haha!

pinksundrops said...

Sonya - Isn't it though? Big dreamer he is ;) .


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