Friday, December 31, 2004

Check It Out

It's my new sports bra! I've been wanting to wear something to bed, for a little, uh, you know support - something that you need after breastfeeding two kids. And hey I've heard sometimes you need it otherwise too :D . Okay anyway I loooove it it's sooo comfortable and it's PINK! I have to admit it really doesn't look that great on the model - maybe it's the black color, I dunno. Any way I looove mine. Oh. I already said that. Sorry. Any way it's Goddess Wear. Who knew I'd ever wear anything that said Goddess. Just so Santa Cruz. Any way it was recommended to me by a friend who thinks their stuff is just sooo comfortable and has all their corduroy pants in all different colors. So far I'd have to agree. Would be some great workout gear - and cute, too. Only I don't workout, except having two kids and all.

Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Don't google Goddess Wear - because it doesn't come up with their brand. Ick.



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