Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Saturday

Little Guy read me a book this morning while I was lying in bed. It's called What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You? There's this part about an armored animal that turns into an armor plated ball when something wants to eat it. So he is on the page where it turns into a ball and says "Look! It's a beach ball.", then he turns to the page before and says, "Not a beach ball.", then turns the page forward, "Beach ball." When he got to the part about the snake that's more like a lizard whose tail breaks off when an enemy tries to catch it he says, "It's tail broke off." Puts his hand behind him where a tail would be and moves it like a tail falling off and says, "Tail broke off." then he proceeds to demonstrate on his foot by pulling his sock halfway off his foot, "Tail broke off."

My Dad told Big Guy last night that they'd he would get to spend the day with him today. So Big Guy woke up this morning and immediately got dressed with his backpack and his hat on backwards and went upstairs to find Grandpa. Grandma was in the office, so he asks for Grandpa, who's still sleeping, but seeing him all dressed and ready to go she says, "I'll go wake him up."

Hubby and I are taking dancing lessons. Today was our second lesson. We're taking ballroom dancing. I've always wanted to take dance lessons but could never get Hubby to do it. After we saw Shall We Dance? the first thing he said was Okay we're taking dancing lessons. He actually set up the classes for our anniversary. I haven't wanted to mention anything about them because it always seems like when I mention something it doesn't happen. We're learning the steps, a few turns, the timing, and working together. It's fun. We may or may not get really good, but it's fun just to be able to do something completely together. I just hope we get good enough so that he and I can really have fun with it and not just sit and shuffle our feet when we want to dance together.

We went to Marini's afterwards and got the kids their yearly Christmas ornaments - this year it was jet ski Santa for Big Guy as it was the first time he rode a jet ski and all by himself, too! And for Little Guy, a gingerbread house, because he loves them - I want to find him a birthday cake because he was so into his birthday this year but the gingerbread house will work if I can't come up with one. I also got an adorable pink bootie 1st year Christmas ornament for a friend's little girl back in Texas, and a present for my sister, she loves those angels.

Big Guy has a fever. Must be too much excitement - I hope, any way. He has a little cough, too. Hopefully it'll break tonight and he'll be all better tomorrow.

Yes I'm up at 1am, and I'm finally headed off to bed where I should've been hours ago...



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