Sunday, December 05, 2004

I Love to Cook!

It seems like the chances to are less and less these days. Hubby's work calls him to meetings at 4pm, sometimes an hour away, so that means he's back sometimes around 7pm or 8pm. My Mom loves to eat out so the nights I'm not sure if he'll be home she'll take us out to eat. With two little ones though, sometimes you just want to be home to eat. Tonight I am making dinner! As we speak, orange chicken is going in the oven, with Jasmine rice and teriyaki broccoli on the stove and I am looking forward to a peaceful meal around the dinner table with my family.

What are your Christmas plans?

We entertained the thought of going to Grandma's in Arizona, but that is a looong drive. 12 hours or so. It would be nice to fly but by the time we thought of it around Thanksgiving ticket prices are already sky high. I think we'll stay home. Not certain yet. Grandma wanted me to cook Christmas dinner and I was all over that.

But I would enjoy it just as much here. My Mom is funny about cooking in the kitchen, though, she doesn't like it. And when she does cook she likes to do simple and it takes her all day long which is not fun for me.

Hubby put it into perspective today when he said, "She'll (talking about me) cook the dinner, if you just stand back and ask her how you can help." That was exactly what I needed to hear to put the Christmas carols in my head. She started to say, "Okay, we'll do this, this, and this." And I said "Nope, if you want me to cook I will, but just stand back and ask how you can help."

Mmm, I'm thinking bone-in honey ham, a roast, sweet potato souffle, herbed green beans, cranberry relish from over at Elise's, and of course some buttery rolls. I may add or substitute some there, but that's the gist of it. And who knows about dessert - can I say chocolate? It may or may not happen, but that dessert from my Bon Appetit magazine is what I would love to make.



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