Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Follow Up

I sent Hubby a not very nice text message after he left for work this morning. Everything's coming down on me so it's only right to take it out on him, right? I know, not. Any way it went something along the lines of "F* you. I h*te you. I h*te our life." The secret life of ME, ain't it lovely? After the innuendos he made about me yesterday you'd have thunk he deserved it too.

Any way that was that and I thought I was going to have a horrible long day being depressed and grumpy. In comes Girl from Florida and her sweet post about how she met her hubby, which reminded me of how I met mine and all the reasons I really do like him. Which of course put me in a good mood for easier loving of the Hubby once he put forth an effort.

No less than 20 minutes later he shows up at the house with a Starbucks cappucino, which he's never done. As if that wasn't enough to put me in a good mood, he also says: I heard you wanted to f* me? LOL okay there went the smile.

Oh my word coffee in the morning!! I always thought people were crazy for getting hooked on it, it's just not good for you, but now I understand why. I am so energized - and luvin' it. This could turn out to be not a good thing. No more coffee for me in the mornings.

Thank you Sam and Girl for the encouragement and support, I really needed it and it literally made my day! You're the best!



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