Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hazy Days

I was going to put Lazy Days, but I really don't like the word lazy. It was just peaceful, and relaxing that's all. I'm cheating tonight, I'm posting a comment I just posted at Girl's site. Hubby's being sooo sweet, waiting for me to get in bed before he goes to sleep by keeping himself awake playing on his Palm. Here it is:

My things I've done today...

1. Slept in.
2. Walked down to breakfast place on the water with Hubby and kids.
3. Ate breakfast.
4. Walked down to the beach to let kids play.
5. Went to the park and spread out blankets and watched Hubby and kids play soccer and football.
6. Came home.
7. Made and ate dinner.
9. Went to Mother-in-law's to watch Christmas movie.
10. Came home.
11. Kids fell asleep on the way home.
12. Put the kids to bed.
13. Going to bed...

Yeah, it was a good, lazy Sunday.

But I am adding something...

Mother-in-law asked when I was due tonight. What the heck?!? I said, what am I getting fat?! She said no, I'm the skinniest person she knows she could blow air my way and knock me over. Okay, fine. I finally figured out it could be because Hubby told her we had something to put in her stocking and I looked at him and told him he was good at ruining surprises - I already know what half my Christmas presents are. She must've been trying to put two and two together and thinking that was what we were putting in her stocking?!


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