Sunday, December 12, 2004

It's Been A Strange Weekend

I've been a little PMSey but more in a strange, depressed sort of way, so I've been trying to mostly concentrate on the good things.

This evening was a wonderful way to end the weekend, though. We went over to Oma's house and saw all her Christmas decorations and watched Hubby's favorite TV Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, then drove through the neighborhood to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. I laughed out loud as Hubby would see more lights and stop and turn around, and back up, and do all sorts of manuevers to make sure the boys got to see every light out there at the best angle possible. I told him he is such a good daddy, it was just so sweet. And I can just imagine the memories he just made for our boys.

Here is a picture of Surfin' Santa. This house was CRAZY lit up, the most lit up I have ever seen a house. And very tactfully done, it could've easily been super cheesy but it was actually really classy and very fun to see.




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