Saturday, December 18, 2004

Not Much

I reeeally don't have anything to offer right now. Just a bunch of mundane, whoopdedoo stuff. Did a little more Christmas shopping, spent a little time with the hubby, hung out with the kiddos.

Oh let's see, I guess I can muse on something. Friends... from before married life. Before kid life. Before family life. They just change... or is it that we all change?

We ran into a friend of Hubby's downtown, one of the best guys I've ever known. And he just seemed... strange. Different, somehow. Distant, a little? I miss him.

I miss the old "guys" that Hubby used to hang out with. I can't figure out who's changed more - him or them. And I wish we could just hang like we used to. Throwing another kid in the mix and then making the first one older, well it's just different. Got a whole passel of people to look after.

I'd accepted with my friends that they'd moved on, different paths in life, etc. etc. etc. There are a few friends I still keep in contact with, and one I am still really close with. Of course it helps she has a family of her own so she knows what page I'm on. But I hadn't quite realized it was happening with his friends. I guess being out in Texas we were out doing something "special" have our own house, blah, blah, blah - that is a technical term isn't it?

This guy we saw downtown tonight was the only one of his friends that had come to visit us out there - and not just once, twice, almost three times, if it wasn't for hitting that darn deer and throwing off the schedule. Actually he did bring another of Hubby's friends with him - a different one each time. But he's the one who did the work.

It would be nice if it was like it was then, when they would ooh and ahh over the baby and realize how very special it is to have a family. And not just be, oh yeah, you have this family now, that you have to think about.

Guess we can't hang like we used to. It's just - different. You know you got two little people running around. And that's okay. Now we just need to create a new breed of different. And make it special in it's very own way.



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