Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

We went and got our Christmas tree today up at Patchen Christmas Tree Farm. The owner, Jim Beck, was there. We didn't go by to see the ghost town, but the tree farm itself was enchanting.
Patchen Christmas Tree Farm
We got our tree, a beautiful, and perfect size for our place, Douglas Fir. We walked down the hill with it and every single person commented on how nice it was, where did we get, they want one like that, it was almost funny. There was a small crowd converging on the spot we found it when we left. The boys had a blast finding pinecones, smelling the trees, climbing the mountainside and finding our tree. And we got some adorable pictures.

We had an interesting discovery today, Hubby and I. When we go out and do things as a family most of the time we always end up in a tiff. We still have a great time but somehow Hubby and I are just fighting our way through it. I can't stand it. And today it happened again. But somehow instead of fighting about it and one of us (usually him) ending up apologizing over it and making up, we just ended up talking about it. At first in raised tones, but then it got to be quiet, which was nice, because that's when you can really talk things out.

I brought up the last 3 or 4 times this has happened and wondered out loud why it always seem to happen in family situations. He brought up about how I expected him to make decisions and he didn't know when. And I realized that was true and it was in these situations. I tend to be an indecisive person as it is, but I've been working on it and most of the time nowadays I am.

But when we as a family are in new situations, or with new people in a familar situation, or even with familar people in a new situation, it's enough for me to handle just being a family and dealing with getting used to the new situation that I do just expect him to handle the situation and make all the decisions, without really warning him that I do, because I'm too trying not to feel overwhelmed.

It is very easy for him to make decisions, as long as he knows that I need him to make decisions for us he's on it just like that. So we figured out the combination of him not knowing that I needed him to make decisions for us and me not being able to communicate that I need him to because I'm trying so hard not to get overwhelmed made for us ending up in an argument the whole time, instead of us just enjoying ourselves.

We both agreed that seemed like what was happening and that we would try to be aware of it next time. It was a relief to talk about it together and hopefully next time it will make for an enjoyable time the whole time and even between us.

The day ended with an evening at Hubby's Mom's house, digging through her attic and getting out all her Christmas supplies to find a tree skirt for our tree. She didn't find one so she cut through one of her Mom's 50 year old tablecloth's and sewed it into a tree skirt.

Now it's a gorgeous, white, vintage tree skirt with a fringe and pretty little poinsettia trees and candles skirting the outside. Fits so nicely in with my vintage distressed look in our home. Can't wait to get it up. But that will be tomorrow. For now it's breathing in the cold night air along with my sparkly snowflakes out on the deck.



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