Friday, May 12, 2006


Read "A family is gone, and a city is left to grieve". She was my Grandpa's Great Niece, and would be my 3rd Cousin, making her children my 4th cousins. She had confided in her mother three weeks prior and showed her bruises caused by an abusive relationsip. I never knew them, but my Grandma has known her mother since she married my Grandpa and it breaks my heart.

How sad that she didn't get out at an earlier time. How does a woman get to a point where her husband, boyfriend, significant other, whoever treats her so incredibly badly and still think she would be a bad person or not be loved if she didn't put up with it? Or that is the best she can get and someone far greater wouldn't love her? I ask this not only for her, but for all the women I know who put up with abusive relationships, verbally, mentally, physically, or otherwise and don't seek healing for their battered hearts. The ones who are too scared and don't know where to turn. My plea is for you to find one person to help you and don't leave that person's side until they do. God will carry you through. The pain will be great, but how much greater if you don't do anything about it.


Courtney said...

Oh no... :(

beth said...

it is heartbreaking. and so hard to comprehend.


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