Monday, May 15, 2006

Saturday Night Whole Foods and Congress Ave. Bats

All day Saturday was rough. J's birthday party was on Sunday and Saturday I was dealing with pretty much everything to take care of it. So Saturday night I took myself out to go see something I've wanted to see for a long time - the bats under the Congress Avenue bridge. That was amazing, they kept coming and coming. There must have been thousands under there. Then I went over to Whole Foods to treat myself like I've always wanted to. This Whole Foods is the landmark headquarters store and has about six different areas that are their own restaurants in themselves. It's always so overwhelming I never know what to order. But THIS time I knew what I wanted. North Trattoria - the Italian pasta bar. Money was no option, so I ordered a vanilla Italian soda - I haven't had one of those in way too long it was sooo good, bruschetta, and cheese tortellini with roasted bell peppers and asparagus, fresh cooked right in front of me with a super friendly waitress which was nice. It was all absolutely delicious and blew me away. The bruschetta was like none I've ever had before. Warm melted halved cherry tomatoes, slightly melted fresh mozzarella balls, heaps of herbs, and perfectly grilled baguette. Yum! I almost took a picture of my Italian soda but the waitress was looking at me weird so before I had to make up some story that I'm a food blogger I stopped. Besides it was almost gone at that point : ) .

Austin Bats
The bats coming out from underneath the Congress Avenue bridge. This was amazing! They kept coming for at least five minutes and that's just when I left!! Before they took off when the sun set you could just hear them - their high pitched noise, but they were tucked up underneath the bridge where you couldn't see them.

Northside Trattoria Whole Foods
The most delicious bruschetta I've ever tasted.

Northside Trattoria Whole Foods
The cheese tortellini with roasted bell peppers and asparagus


Stacey said...

After reading this post and seeing your pictures I'm hungry! I'm a sucker for anything Italian - but two of my favorites are bruchetta and tortellini! I've never seen bruchetta quite like that, but it looks absolutely scruptious!

On another note, when I was in high school my church did a "living Christmas tree" each year at the mall. One year, we had some unwanted "guests" inside the tree, and they just happened to be bats!! I'll never see another bat without thinking of standing in that gigantic tree while singing Christmas carols and hoping that one didn't fly up my choir gown! :)

Cecilia said...

OMG! This IS such a treat! I'm staring at the pictures and writing down the list of ingredients. Hopefully I can replicate! ;)

The bats view is breathtaking. It must have been quite a sight!

girl from florida said...

YUM!! I agree with Cecilia, I'd love to recreate that. It looks so amazing!!

Courtney said...

I am now officially hungry. Thanks! ;)

my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh -- that food looks AMAZING!!! I've heard about the bats in Austin, too, but I've never seen them. K and I are planning on going there sometime this summer. We'll have to be sure to check out the bats.

Laura said...

I've always wanted to see the bats, too! It sounds like a cool experience. That food looks sooo good-wow! I'm glad you had some alone time after all the craziness of getting ready for J's b-day.


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