Saturday, May 27, 2006

Turning into our History

How is blogging going to affect our children? Never in our lives, or our parents lives, or our grandparents lives, has there been such an up to the minute account of our lives. We've never had the opportunity to read the day to day mundane experiences of our parents. How is it going to affect our children being able to read our and most of their entire life history right at their fingertips? Yes I try to write their cutesy little stuff. Some of it escapes into their little notebooks I have sitting by my bed (an idea from a fellow blogger! I wish I could remember who), like last night for example I just didn't want to turn my computer back on and it's nice to have something actually written in my handwriting. But most of it ends up here. What also ends up here are my happy days. I love to write about those. And my happy moments. Not that they are few and far between but those are the ones I want to look back on and read the most. Not much of the struggles B and I go through as a couple end up here. I just don't want to read about those later. And if I do read them they're one sided, and while it might be nice to have a gang of supporters :o) , I know if B doesn't have my back who does. But how will that affect my children? Will they think things were all peaches and cream except for the not so good memories they remember? How will that set them up for marriage? I may be an oddball, but I went into marriage KNOWING it would be hard. Granted I didn't know how hard, but I actually wanted to go into marriage with NO money so that when we did have money we would be okay. And we did. My $3.5k ring and no money. B worked for his Dad out in Cali and made excellent money, but a car salesman even if it meant one day leading the company was not up his alley. It may be someday, just not then and not now. The Navy was always his dream and when he got there they medically discharged him for a disease in his eye that after cliff diving and tearing his retina off as a result of the disease weakening that eye now has him blind in that eye. He came home knowing God had another purpose for him. We looked into colleges I refused to have my baby live though days of 'Daddy's away at college'. And I wasn't going to live with him. In July of 2000 for my birthday, but 8 days afterwards from recovering from eye surgery, he proposed on the beach at sunset. Natural Bridges State Beach. We walked along the tidepools for a bit until it was a completely private moment. Just him and I. And he asked me, "Can I keep you?" He'd always asked me that. And I always said yes. This time I wasn't sure what to say, he was so serious. I said yes, of course. And then he said, "No. Can I keep you?" I said of course. He got down on one knee and said, "Rose, will you marry me?" I said yes, but you know you'll have to ask my Dad. He put the ring on my hand and we we walked back to the sand and watched it sparkle in the fading sun. A few days later, gorgeous ring on my hand, we took my parents to dinner, and shaking, Brandon asked my Dad if he could have my hand in marriage. My Dad thoughtfully stood up and walked out of the restaurant and then came back and said something along the lines of we couldn't be prouder to have a man like you take care of our daughter. Awwwww. Okay now I have to finish up real quick. I guess this is going to turn into a history of our lives. For the sake of our children. For the sake of this analyzation. Hehe. More to come!! I promise next time I'll try to break it up more.



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