Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reasons I Love Today

I stole this idea from My Life is Brilliant. I decided I needed it to gain a perspective on today at the beginning of FREAKIN' PMS.

-The new clothes I got this weekend have been worn and now are freshly laundered, dried, and hung up in my closet ready for me to wear again.

-J and S are not wrestling : )

-I spent an hour and a half just breathing and pruning all the hail damage off my flowers and sweeping my porch so it's back to it's outside room status

-My sister came over and let me vent for half an hour

-J is enjoying his Ipod Shuffle and speakers we got him for his birthday and I am enjoying the music

-The Family Stone was at the $1 rental place at HEB and now I have it to watch at my leisure. And my neighbor has Rumor Has It for me to borrow.

-There's an adorable brand new 3 day old baby next door with the silkiest softest long black hair that I can go over and hold anytime. Except for some reason I'm afraid to hold her like I'll infect her!!

-My house is clean.

-It's a GORGEOUS day outside - 81 degrees with a cool breeze.

-Mother's Day is this weekend and I already bought cards to send out.


my life is brilliant said...

Yay! :) Isn't it fun to think about all the good parts of the day? It makes me feel good, anyway.

I hope that you like The Family Stone more than I did... I really want to see Rumor Has It. I love Jennifer Aniston (Not as much I Rachel McAdams, though)! You'll have to let me know how it is.

I definitely agree with you that it feels great when your house is clean. Just knowing it's done and being able to smell all the cleaning stuff -- lemon pledge, Windex, floral Clorox wipes -- always makes me feel good. I also always light my favorite candles around my apartment while I'm cleaning so it looks AND smells awesome.

Courtney said...

For the Record, I HATED the Family Stone.

Let me know what you think...

girl from florida said...

OOH! I have family stone here from Netflix, totally forgot about it!! Can you come over and help me clean my house now? It's 95 degrees here and I'll totally make you some iced tea and caprese and all your favorite foods, and you can hold this newborn (well, one month old) all you want!!


pinksundrops said...

I liked it. A lot. I found characters a little unbelievable so I didn't get into them enough to cry for them, but I LOVED Sarah Jessica's character. It was fascinating to me to watch someone who was trying to be so perfect and trying so hard that everyone ended up hating her. Everyone can relate to that. Of course I knew how the movie would unfold in the first twenty minutes, but it was fun to watch it unfold.


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