Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fourth of July Weekend

Saturday we had a family day and went to Iguana Grill for lunch and then B took J kayaking. Daddy and J KayakingS wouldn't get in the kayak for anything so he and I sat on the bank and skipped rocks.

After church on Sunday we headed over to a friend's house out in the country playing volleyball in their professional sand volleyball court surrounded by palm trees. J was so eager to play he kept asking if he could before we even got there and said if he did it would be his first time ever. DivingOf course he did. K, J, B, and I got out there along with K's hubby and her sister's fiancee. B got some exciting diving for the ball shots. Hehe. S sat in the sand and buried Bruja's the doggie's ball in a pile of sand the entire time. Any time we get to any place that has mud or sand, that is where S is. We went strawberry picking when he was nine months old and he sat in the middle of a strawberry row and ate mud and strawberries the entire time. He hasn't stopped loving playing in the sand and mud yet! Playing in the Sand

We took off just before the evening and headed over to Jen's house for a barbeque and fireworks. Her hubby grilled hamburgers and we sat around and chatted until we headed to the golf course and watched the kids run around and took fun pictures while we waited for the fireworks. They had those fun glow in the dark necklaces you always love as a kid so we bought S and J one J's Finished Masterpiece and they had the best time making them into crowns for their head, frames for their faces, and figure eights. The fireworks started and S's favorite was the ones that shot into little circles of gold sparkles. He said, "Those ones are gold so they are treasure." J sat there coming up with all sorts of fun ideas they could do for fireworks. Shooting three out of one, making a person, and I'm sure there was more I couldn't hear. B got a shot of him explaining an elaborate plan to Jen's hubby.

S's Finished MasterpieceAfter the fireworks we sat around in traffic for a bit and had a good time talking and then headed home as soon as we got back to their place. The kids were sooo tired, J was actually saying he was tired. I've been so busy lately that they just haven't been getting enough down time or time to do what they would love to do so we made tomorrow J day. He's so excited about that that tonight he says, "I'm excited and tired at the same time."


Cecilia said...

Happy Independence day to you, too, sweetie! Wish I could join in on the fun!

s said...

i love the pictures! sounds like you guys are having the perfect holiday.

beth said...

Happy day to you, too, Pink! sounds like lots of fun for everyone!

Kimberly said...

Hey there!! Hope you had a wonderful fourth! I haven't been blogging too much, thanks for your sweet comments:) Hope that everything is going well for you right now. Look me up on myspace:)


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