Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Straws that broke the Camel's back

Yesterday I got pulled over and written up for everything under the sun - license, registration, insurance, and inspection. Never mind half of that I had just didn't have proof for, that wasn't good enough. He pulled someone over a few seconds after pulling me over on to filling his quota some more. Nice. The wreck and now this.

On top of that I piled the kids bikes and mine in the car yesterday and went to pick up a friend of J's to go biking. We got out there around noon and only biked for an hour because we were sweating so bad. On top of that when I had J's friends bike in the car I put mine behind the driver's and passenger seat and his held mine up. When I took his out mine wasn't held up so well but I didn't notice. So on the way home I hear a 'thwack' and thought J's gatorade bottle had exploded. No, no. He got hit in the mouth by the handlebars. Thank God his teeth were still there, bloody, but still there. So I moved the bike to where it was secure in the back. Then when we get home I went to get it out and the handlebars hit me right next to my eye making a big red mark and hurting like sin. It's still sore today but not bruised. Yet any way.

There's just a few of my straws. Any one on their own I feel like I might be fine with but all of them together and I just feel like when is this going to stop?!


Courtney said...

Ohh! I've had days (weeks really) like that.

Ugh. Hang in there. Big hugs!

Hill said...

UGH...been having WEEKS like that, in fact!!

Chin up, luv...it always gets better. =)

beth said...

Pink, ((hugs))!! but thanks for the reminder, my tabs are due!!

my life is brilliant said...

I'm sorry. Those rough weeks always sucks. When it rains, does it ever pour. I hope things start looking up for you!!


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