Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shaken but Not Stirred

It probably won't settle for awhile. The car's still banged up. I am okay. I was still able to enjoy my birthday. Maybe even more so because I wasn't so concentrated on what I deserved ;) . We're dealing with insurance (tips, Allison?) now. The other guy is making a claim completely different than ours. He didn't mention the car wasn't his the night it happened nor the alcohol on his breath. We didn't call the police. We probably would if we had to go back now, but at nine o'clock at night in the middle of a dark parking lot I wasn't going to get in an argument with a guy insisting over and over that we not call the police and apologizing over and over for hitting my car. I was so nervous I called B to find out what I should do, he said take lots of pictures, get all his information, and get out of there, which I did. The friend I'd gone out to dinner with was pulling out when it happened so she didn't see it but she was with me during the aftermath and spoke to B on the phone as well telling him the guy was apologizing for hitting me, that he was just concentrated on not hitting the wall.

We had a great time at Sea World. B has been so wonderfully supportive in taking care of everything. He took care of talking to insurance and going back to the place where it happened and getting pictures in the daytime. I was able to go to Sea World and still enjoy my birthday and not worry about anything. I had to give my statement yesterday to our adjuster. I broke down in tears but B was right there and I wrote out notes beforehand so I made sure and said all I wanted to say. I called my friend Jen afterwards and she even added some stuff the other driver had said that I forgot about.

So yippee now we get to deal with that. Really God is teaching me so much more than I could ever imagine I would learn through having my car wrecked!! Our small group Sunday night was about trials and temptations and how God doesn't cause trials but allows them to happen so that we can learn something and that temptations come from the desires of our heart not from God. The conversation Jen and I had at dinner was all about emotional boundaries - not taking responsibility for other's response to things you've said in love which is a foreign concept with me ; ) . Even her comment after it was all said and done, that it really teaches us to take our possessions lightly. Even my preceding desire for some kind of jewelry from B this year for my birthday contributed to the things I have the opportunity to learn here. Hehe if you look at two posts ago the first half was about possessions, which I'm still happy for and totally enjoy, the second half was about my family. The first part I want to enjoy, but not let it determine my happiness and or even what I think I deserve or the way I see myself.


girl from florida said...

You have been so inspirational to me lately. You are reaching such self-awareness within yourself emotionally and spiritually... it's amazing!!

Laura said...

Dealing with a car accident is so emotionally draining! I'm glad you had some happiness (Sea World, b-day) despite the headache of dealing with insurance, etc.

I'm so happy to see that you're choosing to look to the Lord in this situation and see what He wants to teach you and how He wants to grow you up in Him through everything!

beth said...

i'm glad you're okay. what an ordeal, and what grace under pressure you are showing!!

Courtney said...

I agree with Girl... you are definitely an inspiration to me. :) Great post. God does work in mysterious ways and we don't always understand the big picture, but I truly beleive that with faith, and and a little patience, we can get through anything. God only gives us what we can handle.

Cecilia said...

Oh my. I echo the thoughts of the ladies above. You are growing in so many ways. Let me sound like a mama, but I'm so proud of you. :)

BTW, can you elaborate more on this....?--"not taking responsibility for other’s response to things you’ve said in love ".....of course, only when you have time. I really would like to learn more.



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