Sunday, July 23, 2006


Tonight on the way to our small group Hubby and I were discussing friendships and how as friends we have to encourage them when they're facing a tough choice to do what they need to do even if it means not what we would want them to do!! B's friend is thinking of moving to Ohio and that would be really great for them, as with M moving back to her hometown would be really great for her, but it's the opposite of what we would want them to do! Which is stay near us : ) . Any way just as I mention that first sentence, J pipes up with, "Because that's showing God's love." B and I just look at each other and laugh, and say, "Exactly." as we're both amazed at his wisdom at such an early age. B tells him maybe he should teach a Bible class : ) ! J says, "Okay!"

This morning at Sunday school with us S looks around and sees his friend he made when we were at the lakehouse and whispers in my ear, "Mom I see my friend." I looked back at her and she was smiling a big smile at him. He must've been looking for her for a little while : ) !


beth said...

don't you just love it how they make friends so easily!! cute, cute, cute!


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