Friday, July 28, 2006

Hearts and Crowns and Dragon Faces

Lately I feel like all I want to do is come here and complain. So I don't. : ) In the meantime I made the boys pancakes this morning hence the name of this post. I didn't know there was so many ways to make pancakes before this morning.

This week has been busy, busy. Saturday night we went to a going away party for a couple in our Sunday School class. They're off for 10 months to China for a teaching position (hi V!). Sunday afternoon we had lunch with a client of B's and hung out, then that night we had small group. Is it bad I can't even remember Monday? (later) Oh yes the kids and I went back to that clients house and spent three hours at the pool with the wife and their little boy, both very sweet. Tuesday I went to dinner with a friend and J cried that I was leaving. That was a first. We went in her car because bad things happen when I'm in my own car and out with friends. Ha. Wednesday I took J to chess club for a few hours. B didn't get home til' 8. Thursday J had an appt. and S and I went on a date. I asked him his favorite things to do and he said,"Play games, not have you go out with friends, family night." Somebody's got his priorities figured out. J painted my nails - well he painted one hand, I painted the other. He did pretty good! B fell asleep as we watched a very strange and strangely funny movie, The Producers. Tonight we're going to take a picnic and see a musical outside with some friends. Blah, blah, blah boring recount but I have nothing else right now. Unless you want to hear me b$%&h.

Anybody have any idea where to get a cute one piece? I'm going to try Old Navy, hopefully they'll have something left in my size. I'm back to that dilemna of finding a decent suit for a lakehouse this weekend.


Courtney said...

I saw at least one cute one piece at Target last week... you might check there. :) Also, Macy's is wonderful, but I'm not sure you have them in Texas.

P.s. I'm writing this comment from the BlogHer conference!!! Neat!

pinksundrops said...

No way!! I can't believe you went to BlogHer!!! I so wanted to go last year. Have fun!! I can't wait to see pictures. By the way you know we are so getting together when I go out to Cali next!! Which will hopefully be soon. I'm missing home!


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