Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer Night Musical

We brought a picnic and went to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers last night at the Zilker Hillside Theatre Productions with Brando's friend, S2, who has the same name as S and his wife, Sara, and the boys. S2 and Brando Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Zilker Park have so much fun talking together and Sara is wonderful too. They had invited us to dinner but we'd already planned on going to see this with our class. Fortunently she was just as excited about seeing it as I was. She had the movie since she was 5 and it was currently in her car. The actors and actresses came through at intermission asking for donations. We're poor so we asked them to donate to us. j/k We were thinking about it : ) ! It was such a summery thing to do, sitting there on the hillside with a blanket and the summer breeze and stars overhead. They had colorful and fun dances and the acting and singing was fabulous.

We may have found our fun couple to hang out with where we blend perfectly. That is if they don't pick and move to Ohio for a great job he may have lined up!! That would be good for them, sad for us.


beth said...

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!

Treavor said...

I saw 7 Brides tonight--some of my friends are in the show. I agree--they did a great job! The show is uncomfortably sexist but the talented company redeems the script, and the bigoted Adam seemed more bearable in the end. The production values were great, especially for a free show. And what a great feeling to watch live musical theatre under the stars and moon!


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