Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I keep changing this title because I can't think of anything interesting that pertains to the post

My week has been quite insane. Somehow I've been able to stay sane and get through it.

Wednesday was dinner with my friend, wrecking the car, and my MIL showing up for a surprise visit when I got home from that, Thursday another friend and I went to Sea World all day with the kids for our birthdays, Friday J finished up VBS while I volunteered with the 4 year olds and we picnicked with a friend of his, S spent the day with Oma, Saturday we spent the day painting pottery with Oma, Sunday B and I went to church and had a meeting afterwards then went to Benihana for B's brother's birthday, Monday and Tuesday the kids spent all day with Oma, J had his and Oma's day on Monday, and I had training both days for J's school coming up, Tuesday night I met with the lady who's discipling me and today my MIL took off. Only after giving a guilt trip to my hubby for not spending enough time with his brother. You guys are my witnesses - we've invited him to everything we ever do and he refuses to come with. He'd rather stay home and play his online games. Not. our. choice.

In the middle of all that my neighbor, M, decided to leave her fiancee and go back to her hometown. She's down there for a couple weeks just to clear her head and make her decision of stay or go. I shed a few tears over that last night. She's been like a sister with being so close.

The rest of the week we have J's appointment and a goodbye party to go to and that's it.

Oh yes and we get the boys new bedroom furniture - yay! Boys Bed There's a desk, hutch, and dresser that go to it as well.


Courtney said...

Oh my! What a week!
Just remember, inhale... exhale... repeat.

my life is brilliant said...

No kidding! Insane week. You should take some relaxing time for yourself. Go get a pedicure! :)

girl from florida said...

Wow, you poor thing... so much to deal with. The good & the bad. I have a little birthday gift for you. It's been sitting on my kitchen floor, in a box, for 15 days now. H just kindly reminded me of that.


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