Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bouncey Fun

Today was Welcome Back Sunday at our church and our class helped out instead of doing Sunday School. We got there about twenty minutes late and sat down with friends who were eating lunch before we got called to be replacement people at the First Connection table for Squishy's Mom and Dad (the baby whose home birth I was at). They sat down to eat lunch and I took Squishy because he was too cute and I couldn't resist. I watched him for their anniversary on Thursday and we had the best time talking and laughing and jumping around. He had his little arm up in the air and was doing it with me.

Any way they had bounce houses, Pokey Joe's BBQ (yum!!), snow cones. It was fun seeing everybody in our Sunday School in random places - at the tables, bouncing in the bounce houses, waiting at the bottom of the slide. One of my good friends has a cute story to tell me about my kiddo. Both of them ran free the whole time we were there in their huge courtyard. We stopped by Whole Foods for groceries and came home. Brando took the kids to the pool and I printed and figured out our school for the week then joined them and got my hair wet for the FIRST TIME in the pool this summer. Bad, I know. Who likes looking like a wet raccoon? Not me. I wasn't going to join them but I'm glad I did. Made for a perfect ending to a wonderful day.


Courtney said...

ha ha! I can't believe you included a link to House of Pain!!! :)

pinksundrops said...

oh crap! I just read the rest of the words to that song. OOPS Had noooo idea. Taking link out now :|


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