Friday, August 25, 2006

The School Year Starts

The first week of school is over and I am SO excited about the whole week and the rest of the year!! The first week went REALLY well. Having everything laid out for me made things much easier than homeschooling.

Knowing more than 1000 hours went into the research of the curriculum and being aware enough to know they really did pick the top curriculums available gives me such a peace of mind. They broaden the curriculum with SO much outside resources which is more amazing. They want to make sure the kids are seeing things from not one author's perspective, but many.

Courtney asked how we're still able to homeschool AND attend school. The school is a University Model School. They are set up like a college. They have core courses which are the Language Arts & History core course and the Math & Science core course. They have electives including PE, Spanish, Music, Art, Drama. They do their classes on Tuesday and Thursday and assign school to do at home on Monday and Wednesday. Friday is a flex day to be able to do extra work if desired or take additional electives.

J is taking Math & Science, Music, and Beginning Guitar. He is on the wait list to take the classes for Language Arts and History. In the meantime I am doing the classroom lesson plans on Mondays and Wednesdays at home along with the Math/Science assigned work and the assigned work of LA/History on the days he goes in to school.

It's gone wonderfully! He enjoyed his first and second day of classes. I asked him how he liked his first day at home and he said, "I LOVEd it."


girl from florida said...

That sounds SO amazing! I admire your energy... right now, the thought of homeschooling makes me feel tired. But I'm sure I'll have more energy when I start sleeping entire nights :)


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