Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Won't Believe This

We got hit AGAIN. This time Brando was driving and we were going through a green light and a guy was making a uturn. Fortunently Brando saw him and swerved to the right so he only side swiped the front left side of our car, otherwise he would've t-boned us. Two different cars pulled over behind us to say we had the green light and gave us their numbers and stayed for a bit before they took off. This time we called the police who talked to both the witnesses, us, and the guy, and wrote the other driver a ticket for making an illegal uturn. He was trying to say he had a green arrow but the officer said the lights don't work that way. As my friend pointed out how weird that we had two accidents in the same month, both where the other guy was trying to be manipulative in their story. Any way that was #3. Accident #1, Ticket #2, and Accident #3. Plus it's the third accident our BRAND NEW CAR has been in - the first was the day we bought it on Brando and his Mom's drive out here to Texas with it and the van - so hopefully that will be it for now.

In other news I finally started the ball on something God's put on my heart for awhile. Our class needs a curriculum coordinator and for some reason the first time they mentioned it, I thought oh I could do that. I waited awhile before I mentioned it to anyone else hoping someone else would step up. No one did. Then Brando said why don't we do it together? So today we talked about the logistics of it, with me being the coordinator and him being my right hand support and I called the leader of our class and asked what Brando said to ask, "When's orientation?" Hehe. Scary!


Cecilia said...

So sorry about the accident! At least no one got hurt, right?

The coordinator job was left open for a reason. :)

my life is brilliant said...

Wow ... I'm so sorry. I'm glad you guys are all okay, though, and I'm glad there were witnesses willing to help you. Hopefully your bad driving experiences are over. Isn't bad stuff supposed to come in threes? Here's hoping that's true so you're done!

Hannah said...

Glad no one is hurt, but still, what a pain! I hate when people try to lie their way out of things!

Courtney said...

UGH! Not Again!!! Crappy!

Well, glad you're ok. :)

And YAY about the coodinator job!! You and B will have a blast!

edited to add - s said...

oh man! i am so glad you are ok through all of this. i totally took your idea and got a really pretty baby blanket. thanks so much :) congratulations on the job with the hubby.

edited to add: no idea why this didn't show up here, s, I got it in email though so here it is now!


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