Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coffee Shop S'mores

Fabulous date with the hubby last night! He suggested driving downtown and having coffee with live music. Mmmm, my kind of date. We ended up at Halcyons, a cozy little coffee and full bar. They had plenty of couches and small tables, dark lit, with vases full of black rocks and tealight candles. We sat at a high table for two and toasted our marshmallows over a small fire, lit by the little green man building the fire underneath. We talked and laughed, and tried out Brando's new camera lens. Then walked the streets of Austin, taking pictures as we went. When it got too cold we drove through the new parts of town where they are building sky rise condos. I'm excited to see a little shopping area of downtown going up!! They've always had South Congress which is a lot of eclectic shops, but here they have more boutique, upscale, modern type shops with new sidewalk cafes. Can't wait to walk it one Saturday morning! Cozy coffee, intimate settings, treats for two, late night walks, and discovering new places - totally my kind of date.

Being goofy in Brando's hoody - it was cold!


Reflection of the Frost building

Our own s'more toaster

Mmm s'mores

Black tealights

Trying out Brando's new lens before we purchased it


Betsy77 said...

What a awesome date!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had a cafe like that here!


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