Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Getaway

River Walk Cruise
Arneson River Theatre where Sandra Bullock filmed a scene in Miss Congeniality
Cafe by the River Walk
Along the River Walk
Hotel where Jennifer Lopez stayed while filming Selena,
including a scene on a pedestrian bridge right in front of the hotel

Our fresh guacomole made table-side and our view at Boudro's on the River
Streets of San Antonio above the river
Yes it is.
Toes! By the river!
La Villita, historic first neighborhood of San Antonio, rebuilt in 1819
Rubiks Cube Man hanging out at a shop in La Villita. He deserved a kiss.
Bolavar Cafe in La Villita.
The Alamo
Inside the Alamo in the room that kept the women and children who survived safe.
The breath-taking Japanese Tea Gardens.

Ahhh, a weekend in San Antonio. Not much is better right about now! KT and I had a blast even with my camera's battery dying halfway thru. Fortunately even though the screen on her camera leaves something to be desired the pictures came out beautifully!

We spent the better part of the morning and afternoon on the River Walk. We cruised the river on a boat tour, walked the River Walk, and  toured the historic village of La Villita near the Arneson River Theatre where Sandra Bullock filmed the bathing suit scene in Miss Congeniality. La Villita has historic buildings from 1819 and is the first neighborhood of San Antonio. The historic buildings were built after the flood of 1819 and have been preserved since. It was an absolutely amazing and beautiful sense of history there. Then, we ate at Boudro's by the river where we had our guacamole made by our table. Yum!

We also met up with a good friend of mine that I haven't seen since last year, Kristy. Yay! She is having a baby boy with a midwife. So exciting! We met her and her hubby (who was so sad Brando wasn't there) at the Japanese Tea Gardens. WOW!! Talk about gorgeous!! I had no idea something so incredibly breath-taking was sitting right next to a place we have visited a million times, the San Antonio Zoo. Crazy!! I'm so glad I experienced it for the first time with KT, though, because she was equally as in awe as I was as we described it like a dream similar to a popular chocolate movie only with serenity instead of candy, a mini Hawaii, peaceful, could lay there forever, and read a book all day, etc. Definitely a must-see if you are headed to San Antonio anytime soon! Here are some fun pictures from the day!


L said...

What a fantastic weekend! I hope it's not too long before I can visit San Anton again. I know I would appreciate the Riverwalk and everything in a much greater way now that I'm older.


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