Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Love

I have a girlfriend, KT, who is so much on the same brain wave as me it's ridiculous. Every time I pick up the phone to text or call her, she is either already calling me or just sent me a text. Any time that doesn't happen, her text back to me always starts out, "OMG I was just going to text/call you!" We've coined a special brand of esp that's all ours. Even with our ideas, financial situations, time pressures, we are always on the same wavelength. Half the time she is letting me know she was just going to suggest what I suggested or vice versa. I.e., just now, I have been all stressed out about our girlie weekend coming up. It's her birthday weekend and I agreed to spend the weekend road tripping with her. I didn't want to be stingy even though finances are hitting us hard right now, so I was going to make it work. I just got a facebook from her saying that her finances are tighter than expected but we can still go for the day and make it a blast. Exactly what I've been thinking but didn't want to spoil her fun! Any way, sooooo much financial stress relieved and I was totally already on the same page! Love the esp and can't wait for our weekend!! Whoohoo!!


L said...

Sounds like so much fun! Thank goodness she is in the same boat and can relate. It's so nice when people understand where you're coming from.

Megami said...

What a sweet post! Have a great weekend together <3


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