Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flying High * Flying Low

Flying High

*Applying for my FAFSA and being told by the financial aid office they don't need any verification and she can tell by the code on my acceptance that I will be getting some of the P*LL grant

*Brando leading in the top two for sales in his district

*Doing Ry & Genie's engagement portraits in downtown Aust*n and seeing Genie clap with glee upon seeing them

*Having a full day of leisurely pleasure for Valentine's Day with Brando and I

*Grocery shopping on ad and spending $110 for two weeks worth of breakfast, lunches, and dinners for four

Flying Low

*My car freaking out this morning by beeping at me and then, my trunk not opening. Then, this evening my gas cover not opening when I have only 40 miles of gas left (enough to get it to the shop).

*Brando being told he's being moved to another branch. Just as busy, but still, some normalcy and consistency would be nice.

*Brando coming down with whatever bug Shawners has had the last few days.



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