Friday, February 13, 2009

So NOT Suzy Homemaker

Gah. I'm baking cookies for Justinbustin's Valentine's party at his school and have discovered that store bought sugar cookie dough is not the key to making perfectly shaped sugar cookies. In fact they make for more like heart blobs instead of heart cookies. Two tries later and we have perfect heart cookies. Unfortunately that was the only one that was absolutely perfect. The rest came out okay, some look more like heart butts than others, but it will work. Next time this suzy homemaker is going to HEB for pre-made cookies. Or going the recommended (after the fact) route of making my own sugar cookie dough recipe. Remind me not to sign up for the cookie decorating table next go around : ) .


L said...

I hope my experience goes ok! There are a few different treats I'm going to try, so I think at least one should turn out alright. Then I'll just have to find some people to share them with!

Larissa said... least they turned out eventually. Happy Valentine's Day!

Betsy77 said...

sweet! Love the openess!!! We had a very romantic V-day! See my blog * a weekend full of steam lol!


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