Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Thing about Girl's Nights is....

*it's a perfect start to the week.
*more thought and care goes into that meal than any other meal I eat all week. It is, after all, made by five girls.
*it's a perfectly harmless but equally relieving gossip fest regarding the Bachel*r, and Goss*p G*rl.
*all my venting and all my joys get expressed and told in one five hour session.
*I get to hear all the girls venting and joys, too, in one five hour session.
*cooking and clean up with girls while doing said venting has never been more enjoyable.
*chocolate and strawberries.
*new recipes.
*always avocado.
*fast forwarding commercials thanks to satellite TV.
*rehashing weekend events.
*showing off new pictures, clothes, or other new things.
*taking our shoes off and kicking back.
*dinner around a coffee table, perfect for five.
*girl hugs, chatter, and laughter to start off the week.



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