Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Soiree

My life has been a go-go-go of friends, family, school, and work, with hardly a break in between any of it lately. So when an opportunity came up to have champagne, sushi, and strawberries at a local clothing boutique as part of a free Valentine soiree I was all over it. With a friend. Well, when the three friends I invited couldn't make it for one reason or another after the previous invitee couldn't make it I decided I'd just stay home. As the boys got ready to head that direction this evening for cub scouts I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go with them so I could drop them off and go all by my lonesome.

I had a fabulous time!! Drinking Brut Rose, eating chocolate covered strawberries drizzled with white chocolate, and california rolls, and shopping fabulous clothing including Voom, MM Couture, and Susana Monaco. I got asked if I was a student (thank you people who mention when you think people look young), and a homeless guy on the way out asked how I could look so pretty. I wanted to take him and his guitar for a drink. What made it even better was on the way home Li called to see if I wanted to come over for a soothe the nerves beer after a confrontation I had to have earlier today, and when I told her what I was up to she called shotgun on the next soiree. I'm all over that. I love life, and I love my friends. I'm also a little relieved and loving that I can still have such a good girlie time all by myself even after having so much girlie time.


L said...

I'm so glad you went alone! Sometimes it can even be more fun . . you meet people or have conversations you otherwise wouldn't have.


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