Saturday, February 07, 2009

Productive Saturday

So this is what a productive Saturday feels like. The next few weekends are so packed, but we don't have anything planned until this evening so Brando decided to sit down and do taxes. I decided to implement weekly chores that the boys get paid for, but have to do regardless. So far my porch and verandah has been swept, living room, kitchen, and boys room vacuumed, and my kitchen is about to be mopped. I'm out a few bucks, but they deserve it. They get a pay scale that ranges from .25 for an okay job to .75 for an excellent job. I started charging them for leaving their toys and clothes all over the house and living room. I charge from .25 for not flushing the toilet to .50 for toys and clothes left in the living room. It's totally effective, but I decided I better give them a regular way to earn money, besides the every other month windfalls of money from doing something simple for Grandma and Grandpa.


L said...

I love the pay scale idea! Maybe my mom would've gotten a better dusting job from me if she had implemented that. I never got paid for chores, but I wonder if I would've been more motivated.

pinksundrops said...

They have chores they don't get paid for they do everyday, too. Did you have to do things like vacuum, sweep, and mop?? I'm totally curious because my Mom just always made us clean all the time, but there was never any organization to it.


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