Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Totally Obsessed

Oh my gosh I am totally obsessed with Twitter and Asht*n K*tcher and D*mi Mo*re's twitter. Yes!! They are REALLY on Twitter, or the wool has been pulled over my eyes so far I'm not sure I'll ever get out. They post adorable pictures with their iphone all the time, chat with each other, and mess with the pap*razzi. It's adorable to see a couple behind all the wool the med*a pulls over our heads. To see them real, living, and adorable. I'm totally in love, I think I have a couple crush. Is that possible?!

I heard about Twitter from one of the dj's on our most awesomest ever local morning show this morning and how his wife is obsessed with L*nce Armstr*ng's Twitter and wasn't afraid to admit it. Then the dj's and his co-dj mentioned Twittering L*nce when they were in a bar and saw a signed jersey by him and L*nce Twittered back shortly thereafter.

It's global texting people and I'm coming clean. I haven't actually twittered much myself, just following, but I'm trying it. Oh and I don't want to put their names here because I don't want to contribute to ruining the preciousness of it. Hopefully it'll stay pure because it DOES come straight from them. It would suck if it got convoluted and I'm staying out of that!


L said...

Of course I promised myself I wouldn't join into yet another internet addiction . . buuuuut I may have to try this!

Anonymous said...

I just added Ashton yesterday and its hilarious! Are you on twitter? Do I follow you? hmm... my twitter is Amy5719 :)


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