Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Gorgeousness that is a true Farmers' Market in Texas

Who knew Cedar Park would be the first one in all of Austin where I would see something that actually resembles a REAL Farmers' Market? One that actually has tables laden with colorful vegetables, flowers, fruit, and music. Don't get me wrong, there is a particular little Farmers' Market in East Austin that I ADORE and have yet to post on. However, it is missing the quintessential ingredient for a farmers' market that I so loved about California: loads of produce. Cedar Park Farms to Market has this aspect down spot on.

Enjoy the splash of colors and pray that they find a spot soon, as 1890 Ranch shopping area has kicked them out of their parking lot (intimidated by their 3000 visitors on the first day much? Too bad those same clients also patronized their stores and no longer will when the market has to move elsewhere). I'm thinking Cedar Park Event Center would be absolutely perfect!

Sweets from Sweetish Hill Bakery are the perfect way to start off a farmers' market morning, even better when you can grab it straight from the Farmers' Market itself
along with a fresh baked loaf of sprouted wheat bread.

How beautiful are those green onions!

Herbs and flowers - unfortunately, the name of the booth slipped by me

I wasn't even sure Texas was capable of producing this much variety and color of produce. From the adorable family at Two Happy Children Farm in Taylor, Texas.

Liberty Oak Farms produce-rich tables
and they have a horse farm in Liberty Hill as well. How fabulous!

The nectar of many local Austinites - Round Rock Honey

My precious little man and I having a Mommy and Shawners day.
He adores marigolds, so of course we had to get some of the gorgeous ones they had - wish I had taken better notes of the different business names as I missed this one as well!

Hairston Creek Farms and their beautiful red organic strawberries from Bertram, Texas
Tecolote Farm's abundance of organic goodness from Manor, Texas

After all of that beauty, of course I couldn't resist spending on all the pretty things. We came home bearing bundles of cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, sprouted wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, bear claws, and marigolds, to plant the marigolds in our potted garden and enjoy a delicious cucumber, tomato, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and herb salad that evening.

Update on April 30, 2011: They found a new location in the Lakeline Mall parking area! Though I have yet to visit their new location, I really cannot wait. They seem to have only gotten bigger and better since I last posted this.


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