Uniquely Your City

Uniquely Your City was created to inspire couples to get out and enjoy life together, enriching their relationship and continuing to build a foundation of memories together away from the hustle and bustle of real life.

Submit your own post for Uniquely Your City by submitting your post URL below. Your link will appear at the bottom of this page all month, and will be featured with a photo from your post in a Uniquely Your City feature post the first Tuesday of the following month.

Keep in mind three things:

1) Each post needs to have high quality photos.

2) Each post needs to have the possibility of being a romantic venture at a fairly low cost at a place in your city or another city you've visited.

4) Each post must be posted within the last month.

Past Uniquely Your City feature posts:

Uniquely Your City: May
Uniquely Your City: June

Submit your link for Uniquely Your City below. Include the city, state, and your blog title in the Link Title, as well as any other information you like. As an added benefit your link will also show up on this post, sans photo. Or, if you would like, you can email your post URL to me at sundrops at gmail dot com. You can also include your own photo from the post you would like to display in your email, or I can choose one from your post for you.


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