Monday, June 27, 2005

Make a Wish

I've never seen a wish flower this big so make yours a good one! I changed the picture out so you could tell the size more than on the other picture.

Wish Flower

And a night time view from our backyard. I thought this was pretty with the white daisies and the lights on in the background.

Evening View from Our Backyard

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Year, Another Mile

Another Father's Day. Wow, I can't even remember what we did last year on Father's Day, so much has happened since then. We've packed up and left the home we knew for the last five years of our lives and moved cross country to California. Hubby started a new job, we started a new life. Bikini's, beaches, the sweet smell of salt air, and the adventure of a whole new town. One Hubby and I both knew fondly and grew up with the first 18 or so years of our lives, but one we had yet to discover together as a family. The things we've done have been wonderful and amazing, and we have many pictures to remember these moments by. The biking, the walks, the museums, the parks, the views. When spring arrived even more parts of this town showed and we went through even another layer. Now that summer has come, so have the people, so have the activities, and so have we. The beaches are cram packed with bodies not normally privileged to have the beach at their beck and call 24/7. The bonfires are staked out by 3pm and burning long into the night. To get from one side of the town to another, you better give yourself a good thirty minutes if you're taking the coastal ways, whereas a normal run is ten or fifteen.

Kite Surfing off West Cliff

Catching a Wave

The boys are on quiet time, with the little one passed out cold from a day of watching the kite surfers surfing off West Cliff, and as I sit here and write Hubby is cooking his own Father's Day dinner. The same man who has made one taco salad in the last five years made us a delicious dinner last night of fettucine and meat sauce, a cucumber and tomato salad, so wonderful that Big Guy says he ate the most of that he's ever eaten. And tonight he is making us Burgundy Wine and Garlic Skirt Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Green Onions, and Steamed Artichokes. This man can do anything when he puts his mind to it. Now that he's there I can't wait to see what happens next. It is so nice to eat at home and actually not be the one doing the cooking. It's nice to go out and eat and not have to do anything, but it's a whole other realm to be able to just sit and relax and be home while dinner is being cooked for you. And it smells sooooo good.
Artichokes and Potatoes Steaming Away

Fresh Farmer's Market Green Onions

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lazy Days and Summer Nights

Hubby and I had a few minutes the other day while the kiddos were occupied with Grandma and Grandpa at their cousin's house, so we drove the coast to go get coffee and enjoy the view. We drove by the area down at the end of the harbor and were breathtaken by the sailboats in the water. It was the Wednesday night sailboat races and the boats were incredibly close to shore. It reminded me of the other day at the beach as we were leaving we saw dolphins swimming and playing near the shore. It was beautiful. We didn't end up getting the coffee - we got to one side of town and it was foggy so we decided to turn back and enjoy the beautiful view back on the Westside - when we got to the coffee place here their espresso machine was broken. We ended up brewing our own at home later and I added Dreyer's Homemade Vanilla ice cream to mine : ) . It was a gorgeous drive nonetheless and Hubby and I had a wonderful time visiting together, just us.

Viewable From Our House

Twin Lakes Beach

Wednesday Night Sailboat Races

Friday, June 03, 2005

San Diego City

It was beautiful. And peaceful. And relaxing. And wonderful. The marriage of my beautiful sweet cousin and her darling man. They'd dated for five years. Had met each other right around the same time Hubby and I had met and started dating. College sweethearts. And now they are off on their Carribbean honeymoon, hopefully having a splendid time.

Both the boys were in the wedding. Big Guy was the ring bearer, though he didn't actually hold the rings, I guess this is a tradition nowadays?! Anywho Little Guy was the flower girl escort and ended up being escorted down the aisle by Daddy a little behind the flower girl but no matter he was adorable, as was his big brother. Even better was the reception where Big Guy danced the night away with sweet little Flower Girl, also his cousin. He was the hit of the night and loved it.

The wedding was beautiful, on the cliffs of Point Loma, with the sun setting as the after wedding pictures were taken. Their vows were said with her shoulders shaking and her voice breaking, his huge smile on his face as he realized his dreams were coming true. With us witnesses by the wayside, two of the littlest ones not even aware of what was going on, one trying to run back and forth between Daddy taking pictures and Mommy sitting down on the front row, and the other desperately waiting for it to be over so he could climb the nearby trees. Mommy sat with her pretty dress and perfectly matched coral necklace and earrings and super cute Steve Madden shoes - the one expensive pair she now owns, wondering why the heck she bothered, but pleased that she felt put together.

The reception was amazing, poolside by the Mission Bay Harbor, socializing beside candlelit linen covered tables as we waited for the bridal party to arrive. We got there just before they opened the doors to escort the party inside as we drove around waiting for one very tired Little Guy to fall asleep. We carried the carseat in, sat him down at our table next to the bride and groom, and enjoyed a baby free evening for a few good hours. Big Guy took initiative as soon as the music started and asked Flower Girl to dance, and didn't stop until the music stopped. The best part, besides their dancing? Sam, are you listening? The chocolate fountain. Oh. My. Word. The Chocolate Fountain. Have you seen one? If not you should, you definently definently should. Flowing chocolate that doesn't even appear to be flowing but instead appears to be a solid statue of chocolate. Then you take in all the strawberries, the cream puffs, the chocolate chip cookies, next to it, and realize no, no, this is the real thing. Once the bride and groom dug in, it was over and guests were getting to know each other in line over seconds and thirds. It was delicious and worth the drive alone. But the wedding, right, that was worth it too. *grin*

The drive home ended up holding a wonderful visit with my very good friend and her brand new little two month old baby who was absolutely adorable with the biggest eyes and the sweetest face. Then on to my Grandma's place in Cayugos for a night in a house with a gorgeous view, a relaxing breakfast and lunch with the Indy 500 in between, and a short ride home. It was a great weekend. Love you guys and believe me, I miss you, too, but you have no idea how wonderful staying away from the computer so much is for me, and I know that you support me in doing the best for my family, so thank you for that. Leave your Flickr username in the comment section if you want me to set you up to be able to see more photos from the weekend.

The Chocolate Fountain


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