Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sailing Through

It has been a wonderful weekend as yet. After dinner last night Hubby and I bundled everybody up with sweatshirts and beanies and walked down to the harbor and around it with the kids on their bikes. Today we pulled out the bikes again, only this time Hubby's and mine as well, and took a bike ride (with Big Guy on his own bike!) downtown, well first, by a friend's that I haven't seen in eight years which was really great to see her, and then for a rather leisurely lunch at Cafe Limelight and then by Spokesman to see if Big Guy's new bike was ready, which was his reward last weekend for learning to ride his bike so well! It was but still needed to be put together so we rode home and picked it up later.

After getting BG's bike we headed up to Ben Lomond to pick up my camera that Sweet Ireland Girl had borrowed yesterday at the hospital when hers was full of BABY PICTURES!!! Yes, she had her baby. On Monday though I'm just now getting to posting it. Beautiful little baby boy, 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 20". BIG guy! I am only posting a picture of his adorable little feetsies because even though he's a brand new baby I still feel weird about posting a picture of someone else's baby on here when I won't even post a picture of mine. Any way on the way home from SIG's Little Guy pukes all over himself and his car seat, poor guy! He puked Monday night and has been hacking since, but I thought we were over the worst of it. He's still hacking pretty bad, especially at night and in the morning, during the day he's okay, but any way we're not going to put him through the three hour drive one way tomorrow and have decided to stay home from Pismo Beach. It'll be better for him, and probably more relaxing for us any way.

Baby Feet

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sugar & Spice

Cooking with my Hubby is the best. Him, the worchestire, red wine vinegar, beer marinated oh-so-tender chicken. Me, the Summer Amatriciana Sauce with pancetta, cherry tomatoes, and red onion. The summer squash sauteed with garlic and butter red leaf salad with English cucumbers, ripe avocadoes, and burgundy wine tomatoes? We'll do together with Air 1 playing off the computer on the kitchen counter.

I talked to a few friends in Texas today and one yesterday, along with my sister. It reminded me of all the reasons I love here, and there, and my hubby. My boys are both in Spiderman costumes, after having relaxed in the pool all day being the best of buds while I laid out. My nails are freshly painted a silver white underneath with a sheer pink on top after a relaxing pedicure and manicure in my bathroom sink next to a softly lit Victoria's Secret red yummy smelling candle and a vanilla candle.

Saturday is a day free just for us. Sunday we are going to Pismo Beach for the daughter of my good friends birthday. This weekend is off to an amazing start. I am in a superbly wonderful mood and so looking forward to this weekend and just being.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

All the Little Cute Things

Yesterday Big Guy went with Grandma on errands and Little Guy and I got to hang out just the two of us at home. He picked up a math book I had pulled out that BG used to use but realized it was way too young, and he started counting the items on the front. So we opened up the book and did the first five pages verbally. I kind of wondered when he would start to show an interest in "school" type of learning. He's all over it now. How fun!

After that I took a shower while he roamed the house. When I got out I heard my bedroom door shut so I wrapped a towel around me and went to see what he was up to. I peeked around the corner into his room and he was sitting in the Lego corner giggling wildly to himself. Then he picks up Daddy's mag flashlight, which he must've gotten out of Daddy's tool area while I was in the shower because he knows he's not supposed to have it, and he starts shining it on the ceiling making spaceship noises. I just stood there and watched him be so absolutely adorable for a few minutes before I went back in my room and got dressed.

On a NOT so cute note, I feel like I am on PERMANENT PMS lately. I have these herbs that I used a few years ago that calmed my shot nerves down enough to help me realize I really wasn't a word with a capital B ALL the time, just right before my period, and two weeks after for a few days. Well it's been awhile since I ran out - read 9 months, and I thought I was okay. It's been slowly getting worse and worse to where I think I'm getting a two day break instead of a two day dose with this whole shot nerves thing. I am just being that capital B and I can't seem to stop! So it's on rush order, as fast as it can be any way and I can't freakin' wait. Oh yeah, and guess who gets the brunt of it. Hubby. Poor guy. Oh well at least me ditchin' him with the two kids (meaning I took them) tonight got him out of the house to hopefully go see his friend who just got home from Japan a week or so ago that he hasn't been able to see yet 'cause I've been too busy yakkin'. :D

UPDATE: Confirmed. Hubby is out with his friend. *sigh* Sometimes it's nice to be away from family because it's not such an easy escape. Tonight I went out with my sister, he with his friend. I don't think we would've survived the early years had we lived out here, we would've made ourselves too busy skirting our issues. It's days like this I remember how being in Texas forced us to have a stronger, thus better, relationship.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Son Learned To Ride A Bike Today!!!!

This is going to sound like a testimonial, but thanks to and their weirdest download program ever, my six year old son learned to ride a bike today! You have no idea how much this means to me and my Hubby AND my son, unless of course you have a 6 year old who has been wanting to ride for the past 3 years and can't get past the fear of falling or get the hang of balancing and is still on training wheels. That was my son this morning. This evening, after literally 5 minutes of working with him? He's riding all over the place. Best thing? Not a single fall. Oh, except when he was doing a one foot high wheelie. Yeah. He's already doing wheelies.

PS Training wheels are BAD, they don't teach the right balance. Fortunently my son, who has used them since his third birthday, picked up on the "re"training very quickly and didn't require the extra practices. If you have a kid on training wheels I recommend taking them off on a leisurely Saturday, downloading Pedal Magic, even with all the crap it gives you, and watching them ride a bike. Letting your kiddo watch the video gets them excited about riding too.

Friday, August 19, 2005


We just wrapped up a beautiful lounging day at the house. Justin and I did school this morning and then fulfilled his two week request of playing Monopoly - the junior version by Mommy's request. He was so excited he could actually read the values of the properties!

In the afternoon we had the house to ourselves and we pulled out the pool and filled it up - half hose water, half Mommy dragging a pitcher of hot water from the bathroom to the pool. Half an hour later Mommy was in a chair in her shorts and bikini with her latest edition of InStyle - I love that it doesn't have all the sex tips and hints and stuff that other magazines have. So very lovely, and the boys were in the pool, playing pirates, jet boats, and all other sorts of imaginable things.

Hubby got home early and started right away on our amazing steak dinner. BBQ Marinated Tri Tip baked in Balsamic (sounds weird I know but it was out of this world), Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce Alla Siciliana with Jalapenos, Gala Apple and Pluot with Baby Greens, yum! My little nephew who is staying the night with us, and Big Guy as well, had four helpings of each. Not a trace was left.

After dinner we made a trip to Capitola for the tied for best ice cream, Polar Bear, and spoiled the kids with their own Jr. Scoop which was essentially a double scoop. Where Have You Bean All My Life? aka coffee ice cream with flecks of coffee beans, and Chocolate Chip for me.

Now, just having tucked the kids in bed, Hubby and I are tucking ourselves in bed for a what I'm sure is a very silly movie, Man of the House.

PS There's a preview on it for Hitch, which has to be the very best comedy of all time. The line I just heard that still has me laughing? "That's not dancing. That's a cry for help."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Celebrate With Me!

follow the link...
Girl From Florida is PREGNANT!!!!!!!

On a completely different note altogether...
Good-bye Sami! I will miss you and hope you stay in touch, especially if you start a new blog!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Big Guy and I have been learning about the planets in school. He's got the first five or six memorized and can remember the rest by looking at the first letters of the name. He started out by wondering if anybody has been to Mars and now is planning on going to Pluto. The other night he went on an ice cream run with Daddy and in the car on the way there he sees the red light from Daddy's Treo reflecting in the windshield and he says, "Look, Daddy, there's Pluto!" Daddy covered the light up with his hand and says, "Do you see it now?", "No.", then took his hand off and asks him again. "Yes." Daddy says, "It's just the light from my Palm Pilot."

Friday, August 05, 2005

I am a Fountain of Posts Lately

And instead of saving them all up I think I'm going to post them in one big bunch. I've been saving them as drafts as to not overload my astutely hiatus trained readers but I've been on a philosophical quest lately mostly due to the fact that yesterday I realized I was able to tell exactly what I was doing one year ago to the day and I really liked that. Made me look at today in a whole new light. On the other hand it takes more time away from my boys which I don't like. Enjoy it for now any way : ) .

The Little Things

Today I took the boys all over God's creation. School in the morning, Boardwalk with a friend shortly thereafter which included at Mommy's expense games and photos from on the rollercoaster, up to Felton for a picnic with Grandma and to see Thomas the Tank Engine and enjoy Sir Topham Hat and all the fun stuff they had going on up there including a kid sized Thomas the Tank Engine made out of LEGO's and a jumphouse, to Scotts Valley for sno cones and back home. But it's bringing him the pirate bath toys while he's in the shower requesting a tiny cup that I get a thank you for.

My Dream Vacation

Here in the Essiccatoio, with a side of this. Yup that'll do. Now if I could only find one I could afford.

Calboccia Main House


Cute Stuff

Hehe, I love my search terms. That last one is my favorite. Yes, I need PLENTY of those.

the perfect dress for a summer wedding
cute tennis stuff
samira shoes
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sun drops flowers
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roxy summer fun dress
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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Cecilia has tagged me!

What I was doing ten years ago:

I had just turned fourteen and after being abruptly pulled back from the dating scene by my father - what, you mean Dad's don't like when you have a boyfriend behind their back? - a baby-sitting oppurtunity presented itself that turned into more of a part of the family type job and the way I earned my first car, a Toyota MR2, sooo cute and I LOVEd it! I pretty much nannied the whole time I was fourteen and by the following year I WAS the nanny, as well as tutor, housekeeper, and cook. Those kids became like my own and I still see them. I just went to the oldests graduation in May.

5 years ago:
I had just turned 19 and my hubby had just proposed to me. I had a one year old and the situation was not very good. Family pressures were too much and to top it off his parents were getting in on it with not being too happy about us deciding to get married so soon. I had already decided that I was going to move to Texas sometime, I was only waiting around to give the guy I was dating a chance, which he took : ) . But even after I said yes I couldn't stand the environment I was in and had to go. My little guy and I packed up a few suitcases and got on a plane to Austin, Texas. Hubby followed me out a few months later and found a job, we were married a month later. We got our first apartment that we moved two days after our wedding and started the home buying process shortly thereafter. In April we closed on our new house and moved in, rather my Hubby and sister moved us in as I was two months pregnant, super tired and no help. We settled into our new home and enjoyed every bit of it. Wow a lot happened in the year I was nineteen, I had no idea until I just put it into words.

1 year ago:

I was living in Texas in my beautiful home, had just discovered blogging, perfectly happy and content. Yikes! I just realized my blogiversary went by with nary a word from me. Oh well, happy blogiversary me : ) ! Any ways a year ago today apparently I was painting and distressing my table. *sigh* Poor lonely table in storage.


I took my six year old to his Kinder Club group for kindergarten readiness, went to coffee with two of the moms, then dropped off my two year old with my MIL and went back to Big Guy's group for a parent teacher meeting, then went to the park with one of the Mom's and her two boys and my oldest for play and a picnic. Afterwards I picked up my Little Guy at the MIL's and took both of my boys downtown to paint at Petroglyph. We came home and I ate the Boneless Buffalo Wings from Chili's I had in the fridge from the night before and the boys had PBJ, Hubby came home and had Little Caesar's pizza that my Mom brought back for her and my nephew. Talk about routine. HA.

5 Snacks I enjoy:
Ice Cream
....oh, REAL snacks?!
oh okay - crackers
veggies and dip
lunch meats
anything yummy that's leftover in the fridge

5 songs I know all the words to:
Ready to be saddened?
Jesus Loves Me
ummmmmmmm, I'm not really good with songs :D

5 things I would do with $100 million:
Live off it and do all the things I've ever wanted to do with money for the rest of my life

5 locations i would like to run away to:
Just five?
Belgium :)

5 bad habits I have (with help from Cecilia's list):
Amen to procrastinating!
Not being blunt enough!! Seriously can that be a bad habit? I won't say something I know I should and then I'll kick myself later for not saying it
Irritating my skin
Letting myself mire in a bad mood
And I'll go with eating too much sweets too (really is ice cream and a reese's in one day bad *smiles sweetly*)

5 things I like doing:
Picnicking with a beach towel on the grass on a sunny day
Reading a book, preferably in the same place
Going to the beach
Spending time with my family
Spending time wtih just the girls

5 things I would never wear:
Cowl neck, I just don't think I could pull it off
Cuffs on the bottom of my pants, even capri's, it makes short look shorter
A sequined dress or shirt, no, just no
Super high heels, my legs won't take it
Super short skirt, maybe on a date with my hubby but otherwise yeah, that's just what I want, everybody looking up my ass (eeeewww!)

5 TV Shows I like:
Extreme Home Makeover
Friends, I know it's not on the air anymore but still!
?? I'm not big on TV

5 biggest joys of the moment:
My kids and their new discoveries and sweet things to say
Sunshine after a rain
Fresh blooming flowers
A good book
A deep dark tan

5 favorite toys:
My camera
My cell phone
My computer
My makeup
My clothing : )

Now I'm Tagging:
Mel I know you just moved but I loved it when you tagged me way back when on something similar so now I'm tagging YOU. Take your time :)
Allison, for fun.
Amber because I'd love to see your answers.


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