Sunday, July 31, 2005

Going To The Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married...

The song they played when the bride threw her bouqet last night. Not sure if it was playing when the groom went under her skirt to get the garter and came out with a thong! That was good for laughs though. The real garter was delivered to a very eager and possibly very drunk single wedding attendee.

The first of Hubby's good friends from high school got married last night. A funny relieving feeling came over him, one of not being the only one married in his circle of friends. My friend from childhood has been married since shortly after I got married and has two kiddos as well, so I didn't realize what a big deal it was to him at first. Later I realized to myself, finally one of his friends got married, and I realized what he was talking about.

The wedding was beautiful, as is and was the bride. The site they picked was gorgeous, it happened to be my favorite restaurant which I had told them a long time ago so when they were deciding were to get married she thought of that place and they checked it out and it was perfect. They couldn't have asked for better weather. The wedding was outside in the garden and could you believe it the wedding invite said half past five in the evening and they actually scheduled it for six in the evening, the mother of the bride only put half past five on the invite so people wouldn't be late. It was great because everybody was there at six, nobody was rushed, and we even got to know the people sitting behind us. They gave out butterflies wrapped in a little paper with a short story about how there's a Great American Indian legend that says when you release a butterfly with a wish it will come true. It was a challenge trying not to peek at this LIVE butterfly the whole time and listening to it scurry. After the vows and the I do's, or rather I will's, we released them. For half a second I thought the poor little things were going nowhere rather than the collective anticipatory feeling of the whole group going up in a cloud. After a few seconds they did decide to take off - to the nearest perch, my dress, my hand, the lady in front of me, and finally a few of them alighted on the rose petal walkway in the aisle. Watching their step the bridal party made their exit and then the fun part started.

The table we were assigned to was supposed to have Hubby's best friend from his high school years and his girlfriend sitting there, by a twist of fate they weren't able to come. Instead we had the pleasure of the company of a few other people Hubby went to school with and one of their girlfriend's that I knew in a roundabout way from a friend of her sibling. We were all a little tipsy and the conversation spilled, the dancing started and we dispersed. Hubby and I actually danced. On the dance floor. More than once. Only when Hubby got frustrated in the middle of trying to execute a certain dance in the middle of the song and gave up to leave the dance floor did we seem to get off the same page. At that point Hubby wanted to get out of there any way and go visit the party that his best friend had to be at, which was a celebration of the friend's Dad's marriage the month before. We did and they had an adorable little Tiki bar in the back, and a fire, classic surfboards, and twinkling lights. It felt like we were in the carribbeans.

Grandpa and Grandma had had the boys all day, starting from Grandpa taking them fishing and miniature golfing in the morning, to Grandma taking them to the skateboard park in the evening, and us heading off for the wedding in the evening. So with the morning to ourselves we took a rather easy bike ride seeing as how we weren't towing a trailer with two kiddos behind. We leisurely made our way downtown and stopped by the Urban Outfitters sidewalk sale and got some beautiful milk glass chandeliar candle holders for two dollars!. I was so excited I had to have them even though because it was Saturday they wouldn't hold them for us to pick up later. So we strolled down the way to a store that a friend of mine manages and dropped them off with her until we could pick them up later. Then we headed off to Kianti's for lunch. Spicy jalapeno breadsticks, salad, iced tea, and chicken sandwhiches, keeping an eye on our bikes from the outdoor patio. Enjoying our time together but feeling quite strange that we had no children with us. On the way home we stopped at a place that another friend of mine works at and said hi and then continued on our way home.

Today we've got the end of the Summer Book Club to take care of. The kids and I only discovered it a few weeks ago so even though we've read plenty of books this summer it's the titles they want and so we'll be playing catch up today. Then maybe up to Roaring Camp to check out Thomas. And then later if we have time to the Boardwalk to get season passes, compliments of MIL. Have a fun rest of the weekend!

From our Bike Ride:

At the coffees shop - those are my legs
Coffee Shop

Afterwards at Hubby's Brother's place
Hubby's Brother's Place

Enjoying lunch downtown
Downtown Lunch at Kianti's on the Patio

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Birthdays and Wishes

I'm pretty much out of words after writing my many thank you notes for my birthday. Thank you guys for all your wonderful birthday wishes! So I leave you with a photo slideshow of pictures taken with my new camera (yay! I love it AND it fits in my purse!) for the day. Hubby STILL does not want me posting pictures of US on here, which I still SORT of agree with *sigh*. So if you want to see more, as always, email me with your Flickr username and I'll add you to my list.

Our Table

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Sweet Boys

I have started homeschooling with Justin. Hubby and I sat down and worked out some things for him to work on. Writing his numbers 1 to 1000, writing his lowercase letters (he's known the uppercase like the back of his hand since he was three), learning the planets and the states. Very very basic in all of the general school subjects. We started a few weeks ago and he loves it. He loves the responsibility, the learning, the new discoveries. The first week we wrote 1-60 at 20 numbers a day. The day we wrote 40-60 he took the afternoon to write the numbers 60-100 all on his own, and then later all the way from 1-100 on his own. Then promptly taped them up on my wall. This kid is amazing in the way he thinks, sometimes he thinks so far outside the box he just blows me away. And as Hubby puts it he not only thinks outside the box, if you expand the box just a little he immediately expands his thinking to fill it. He is already using fractions, three half scoops of ice cream is only one and a half Dad. And multiplication. Three tens are thirty, four twos are eight, two fives are ten.

Little Man I found lounging in a bin of Legos this evening. Is that comfortable? I ask. He doesn't say anything so I go to get my camera. I come back a second later and he's getting up. I say please stay so I can take a picture. He does, then says it hurts so he gets up. I put away the camera and come back a few minutes later and there he is again, lounging in the Lego bin.

PS My birthday is tomorrow. And my one year blogiversary is the 28th. Go me : ) !

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Mathematician

That would be my just turned six year old son.

He taught himself addition. "Five and five is ten." and it hasn't stopped from there.

He taught himself multiplication. "Three tens are thirty." "Three twos are six."

He taught himself fractions. "Three half scoops of ice cream, so that's one and a half scoops."

And I was worried about teaching math with this kid? *grin*

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy some fireworks! I tried to get a picture of the American Flag on here but couldn't get it to work for some reason.

Has anybody seen War of the Worlds yet? I have never been so terrified in a movie. Those last few words of the movie were very profound. There's a great review on the movie here, one I might've written something similar to had I taken the time to sit down and think about, and another one on those last few words here, but you have to register to read it.


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