Sunday, April 26, 2015

Full swing

This guy is in full activity mode. There's no stopping for me. Or him. I get about five minutes of work time before he needs mom. I power work through his nap and fall into bed exhausted or mindlessly late night shop at night.
At times I think I could get so much more done if I had my me time again, then I think I wouldn't be doing crap if I had my me time. This little face is so motivating I work my butt off a hundred times as hard to be around this little man. Baby proofing is in full effect - outlet covers, baby stair gate on the way, crib mattress needs to be lowered to lowest rung, cords are shoved behind dressers, doors are utilized. 
These two in music class make my heart melt. I am so grateful for music class for Logan. I love that he loves and appreciates music already. I wish I knew about this when my older boys were younger. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Driver and a Baby


Today my nearly 16 year old drove me home. I smell Axe as he walks out of the shower. He carries my La Croix for me out of the grocery store and into the house, along with everything else. He gives me a hug. Feels like a hug from a man. Somehow he was my baby almost 16 years ago. This happened in a blink. Tomorrow he will be out of my house. I am so, so, so grateful for Logan. I have tears as I type the previous to the last sentence. If I didn't have Logan I'd be in an all out fetal position sobbing.

This growing up is so beautiful. So difficult. Letting go. Letting them be an adult with an opinion of their own. Different from yours. Even though you raised them with all your opinions. They come back at you with wisdom you don't recognize. Where did that come from? Thank God He brings others in his life. Having duplicates of ourselves for children wouldn't change the world. I pray he has a heart for God and to serve others, full of character.

It's a Fungus

Ew, gross.

Welcome to the world of boys. I love every moment. Except the fungus. GROSS. But so, so, SO excited it's not eczema. Fungus you can get rid of. Eczema not so much. Who knows where eczema comes from. I think he might've got the fungus from a horse nuzzling his face. Oops. I took boy mama too seriously.

So he's been covered in bandages for the last few weeks to keep the cream. But still cute as a bug. His new favorite face is wrinkling his nose up. Everyone loves it.


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