Monday, July 30, 2012

Enjoying the Little Moments

Posts like these, like this one from one of my favorite bloggers and graphic designers (she did my header!) as of late, Jaymee, who detail the little nuances that make life fun, make me excited about blogging again. Too much time has passed since I appreciated the little things. Sometimes I look around me at the places that I enjoy, like a vineyard tour in the hill country for my birthday- we've actually done one before and this time we recreated some of the photos from the previous tour- specifically these two,
Solaro Estate, our first stop for my birthday hill country vineyard tour
live music on the rooftop over the lake that we've been enjoying as many times as possible - we've made it up to five and will miss these nights now that the series is over for the summer,
Uncle Billy's Rooftop Over Lake Travis free Sundays hosted by KGSR
and all four of us working on a prayer path at our church,
Creating a ditch for the stone edging of the prayer path
and remember what the days were like when I used to blog fervently.

Picturing every small detail with wonder and delight, not only in my head, but on film, so YOU could see it, too. I delighted in sharing every detail with you, so you could experience the moment as did I. Somewhere along the way, I started doing the same things over and over, and as much as I still delight in each moment, I lost the drive to share each detail with you... over and over. Even the new things, I wanted to savor for myself as preciously new. Have me and whoever I am with being the only one wrapping up every detail and savoring it. I wanted to enjoy the moment. And enjoy the moment I have. Only I don't have them not only for you to enjoy as well, nor for me to look back and enjoy again myself.

In all reality, though, I am enjoying a new found freedom in not feeling tied to having to capture and share every little detail on film. Some I share on facebook (you're welcome to friend me, just please don't mention my blog on there as it is still anonymous), but most I keep in my heart. Piling up the moments and enjoying each moment of relationship shared in them.

I'll be back, because who can stay away from blogging once you've realized the world it can open up with new friends and new found joy in the little things. I'm not taking a conscious hiatus, either. I'm just relaxing from the blogging world.


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