Friday, June 30, 2006


Tonight is girls night. We're going to see Devil Wears Prada with the girls from my church and a few other friends. The point is to reach out to those who don't know the Lord and are struggling in life right now. But right now I am REALLY stretched thin. My neighbor's cousin died Tuesday morning and I have to the best of my ability been there every minute for her since (including tonight!) I guess it's really gotten to me because I find myself wishing this night was just for the girls in my church group, the ones I can talk really deep with and open up to. On the other hand I need to get over myself and realize God is the one who fills my cup not others and this is the probably the best time in the world to reach out to her and show her what an amazing thing a close and personal relationship with Him can be. I find it funny we're making it that point and going to watch a movie about the devil wearing prada. Hehe.

After tonight her fiancee and sister will be in town, so the load is off my shoulders : ) . Besides I don't have any more to give right now. Tonight is my extra 100% and I hope I'm available for that.

By the way for all of those who want to see pictures from this past weekend, check out these links for Allison, PSD and family pics :), for wedding and reception pics, and for pics from the birthday lunch, day at the pool with K, and going to see Cars. If you're a new reader and haven't been added as a friend on my flickr site yet just send me an email and I'll put you on there!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunshine, Candles, and Fun

Monday I took a friend out for her birthday and we went to Iguana Grill. Gorgeous ViewEvery time I'm there I can't help myself and I take pictures of the gorgeous view. She ordered fajitas and a Golden Iguana and I didn't feel bad for not being able to find her a present (besides the beautiful lavendar peonies I gave her last Friday the day before her actual birthday). I did tell her I went to about five different stores and couldn't find her anything and she knew she was hard to buy for so that made me feel better.

Tuesday a friend from church came over and hung out by the pool with the boys and I. She is so much fun to talk to. Her childhood and mine is freakishly similar, down to the same cult homeschooling curriculum and religious rules both her parents and mine used. And the severed family relationships as a result. We've also got extremely similar tastes, addictions (same flavor and brand of ice cream), and certain body measurements :D and our birthdays being consecutive days after each other. She's so much fun to be with and loves the kids which is always wonderful to find. S says a few minutes after she got here, "I love her because she tickled me." After she left he asked when we were going to see the movie with her and when we were going to see her dogs that she showed him on her cell phone. I said two more sleeps for the movie and five more sleeps for the dogs. B was out late that night going to a Divin' In">meeting with his brother so K came back here to chat and I made us grilled chicken baby greens salad with fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, avocado, and balsamic viniagerette for dinner. We talked some more and ate chocolate covered strawberry ice cream and looked at fun pictures and talked some more.

Today the principal of J's school next year came by for a home visit. She visits every family and it takes her until December to do it! It was neat to get to know her better. She got to see J's room and talk with him a little more and hear a little more of our background, and we got to hear a little more of hers. Her daughter and hubby go to our Sunday school class at church. We're going to keep an eye out for them the next few times we go.

So far for the rest of this week and this weekend we have J's nice lady appointment, plans to go see Cars, a girls night out with dinner and The Devils Wears Prada with the girls from our couples small group -FREE thanks to the lovely Ms. Allison - long story : ) . A blissfully free Saturday then church on Sunday, a barbeque at K's and her hubby's house, and then a bbq and seeing the fireworks with a couple from our small group. Fun, fun!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dallas Weekend

We got to visit Allison and attend our first Texas wedding besides our own all in one weekend!!! The wedding was a friend of B's who's a really wonderful guy. We had an absolutely fabulous weekend and ended up staying Friday night as well as Saturday just so we could visit with Allison more in the morning. That and the boys burst into tears when we suggested heading home Saturday night. Friday night we did french manicures with Sephora's french manicure kit which was Allison's first french manicure. So fun!! I love all these special memories we're creating. Saturday morning we checked out each other's makeup as we got ready in the bathroom and she took off to work at the tearoom. We took off a few minutes later to eat there. Chocolate Angel Tearoom Yummy yummy foodThere's a tearoom in Cali that is a very special memory for me, they have delicious food - sandwhiches with the crust cut off, cream soups, and fun salads and I love that place dearly but this place was a. hundred. times. better. And you left full :) ! I had too much fun seeing the adorable little place she works at. We headed to the wedding shortly after. What a sweet wedding. They had a slideshow of the bride and groom from babyhood to adults - their first date was their highschool prom. She looked like an princess. There was a big break between wedding and reception so we got to head back and visit with Allison and Marc as they were getting ready for their wedding that evening - a very posh wedding. I finally got to try Allison's eyeliner : ) ! I like it, but it brings me back to younger days so I can't do it all the time. And her hair straightener. Wow, talk about silky shiny hair! I want one!!! Off to the reception we went where we had dinner and danced the night away. We headed off before it was too late and went back to Allison's for B's sunglasses and started to head home. Before we got ten minutes into it the kids were bawling so loud that for peace sake if nothing else we decided to stay. Actually B said why don't we just stay and have a good time the next day and get a good night's rest. I'm so glad we did!! Allison and Marc got home shortly after and we stayed up and shared reception pics and stories. We played with more makeup in the morning - I think that was an all out try what we can while we can fest : ) , had lunch at Chipotle and headed home. Oh yes and I got to drive in the adorable Miss Roxy which is too cute with Allison to Chipotle. Totally a surfer girl truck.

It was an amazing weekend and we had such a peaceful and relaxing time. I have never felt so at home at somebody else's home. The boys eyes lit up when Allison said she wanted to keep them and they hoped it was a possibility. These are my favorite memories.

Friday night...
Meeting LBP and getting to talk with her for a bit - she is gorgeous and a sweetie. Meeting Marc finally and having a flashback of the guy who introduced B and I was both nice and a suprise - B thought the same thing. The boys instantly loving the nice cat and knowing to stay away from the mean cat. Staying up late and doing french manicures and girlie talking with Allison.

Saturday morning...
Waking up to hearing the boys and Allison talking to each other like no tomorrow. Coming out of our room to see all three of them laying on the floor playing video games. Playing with hair and makeup in the two sink bathroom.

Saturday afternoon...
Delicous lunch at the tearoom, it's adorable and gorgeously done decorations and fun pictures. Punkin and the Cake Being in tears as a girl I'd never met and her hubby who is a wonderful guy exchanged vows. Holding S during the wedding as he was so tired from our late night the night before that he almost fell asleep. Coming back from our wedding just as Allison noticed the little bag I left for her on our bed that Marc so sweetly moved to her pillow. Dressing up for the reception and her wedding and reception together. Seeing the famous Target wedding dress in person (soooo cute). Taking all dressed up pictures.

Saturday evening...
Meeting sweet people at our table at the reception. The chocolate leaves surrounding the pumpkin cake (their nickname for each other). Dancing with my hubby even when we danced Jump Jive N Wail and he kept bumping me into people because he was dancing with his blindside to the majority - we switched sides and he was fine but I had to convince him to finish the song. Dancing with my sweet sons in the back of the room to warm them up. Finally getting J out on the dance floor. J and Mommy dancingJ squeezing his eyes shut for the first two songs on the actual ballroom floor, by the end he had his eyes wide open and was teaching me new moves he made up as he went along. The new moves he made up : ) .

Saturday night...
Texting Allison back and forth as they finished up their reception to tell her we were staying. Sharing reception stories and pictures when they got back til' one in the morning.

Sunday morning...
Waking up to sleepy morning girl chat. Watching Allison get out the littler TV because her roommate had the remote and she wanted to make sure she stayed the cool house so the boys would want to come back. Playing with more makeup. S coming in and telling Allison and I, "The mean cat is mean. They're the same!" (he must've thought that was her name and noticed she was the same as her name). Allison told him that's why she calls her mean : ) .

Sunday afternoon...
Driving in Miss Roxy. Eating at Chipotle - PSD Allisonquite possibly the love of both Allison's, mine, and B's life - well not quite but close enough. Justin so proudly reading The Foot Book from Dr. Seuss to Allison. Lots of fun pictures. B's and my three hour bible study discussion on the drive home.

Sunday evening...
Our small group before we came home. Coming home and getting immediately unpacked and clothes in the washer. I love that feeling. It doesn't drag anything out and is the perfect end to a perfect trip.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still Here

Just taking a little break from everything really. I've loved not having a computer this week. I've gotten SO much done - vacuuming, laundry, ironing, I sound like a regular old housewife. I've managed to get in a few hours at the pool on Monday though, a girls day with Down with Love and ice cream yesterday, and an all day errand/shopping day today though. I got the cutest little pink bag with all our travel essentials for this upcoming weekend trip in it. And it's tiny! I heart it.

Oh yes and a trip to Sephora. Can't beat that. The guy who did my makeup has been a makeup artist for The Makeover Show (name? I'm not up Benefit Concealeron the tv names). He pulled out some fancy shmancy bronzer to mix with my foundation so it's a little darker to match my tan. And the cutest little pink with brown polka dot concealer kit for under the eyes, and there's something in it for the lips and a little sheer something for the the cheeks and around the eyes as well.

A little later: I just had to add I just got asked to be a godmother and B to be a godfather to little K. My heart was in tears as she asked. But, she says, and my heart stopped. It would be Catholic, she continued. So that means an official process : ) ? All the better.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

On the Fritz

My computer is down and out. How ironic that Allison's and mine go out at the same time? Though her's was work related rather than computer related. Another friend's was struck by lightning. It's just not the week for computers. I can still use B's when he's not working and when we're back from the wedding we're going to next weekend he'll get mine fixed. Or get me a new one. I prefer the latter but whatever will work! Guess I am actually going to have to resort to the PHONE this week. Who DOES that anymore? I'm used to my communication happening at midnight long after the kids are asleep : ) .

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Social Work

This week has been pretty much a social week. Now that I'm back on track from being sick and taking a break with homeschooling and getting back to a less intense version of schooling I have some free time on my hands.

Monday I caught up on sleep and ran errands with my neighbor which turned into shopping white flip flopsand dinner with her and her little girl. I got a new pair of summer white flip flops at Old Navy and was very very good otherwise.

Tuesday the boys and I went to a friends to hang out at her pool with a few other girls and then ran to get a baby gift and headed down to the Whole Foods headquarters to meet another friend. It was SO hot the boys faces were bright red and they were begging to go home by the time we left. I met up with B to drop them off and headed to a meeting at 7pm. A few minutes into driving there I got a message it was cancelled. It worked out perfect because I got to visit baby L and his Mommy and spend an hour and a half chatting with her!

Wednesday my neighbor and I took the kids to the pool and spent two and a half hours there reading books, drinking margie's and snacking. I got quite the burn, but I've lotioned up and it's turning into a nice tan already. We had K all set up with an umbrella and a little mister fan I have directed on her so she stayed cool. It was too cute. Our poolOh and J loves baby K. They've been more excited about her since baby L was born. They love his name since it's the same as their cousins and they can't wait to meet him. In the meantime J has acknowledged K exists and took care of her yesterday as she lay on the floor and then asked to hold her and feed her a bottle. He says as he's holding her, "I'm loving this."

This morning I texted my neighbor to see if she wanted to go running like she's been begging me to do the last week. So we got the kids prepped (took forEVER!) and took off with J on his skateboard, S on his bike, and K in her stroller. We half walked half ran up to the front to see if the gym was open which it's being painted so it wasn't and ran back. Wow that felt good. I took a shower and remembered my yoga dvd I've been wanting to try. We'll do that later.

Today I'm taking J to his reading appointment. He is doing fabulously. There's a site called Starfall that he just loves to read (Alyssa, I'm thinking of you when I put in that link!!). Tonight B and I are going grocery shopping and tomorrow we're having friends over for dinner. Baby FeetSaturday is full with the kids and I helping our small group out babysitting four babies for another small group while they go to the lake and B is helping another girl out in our class whose husband is in Iraq with yard work and getting her garage organized - guy stuff.

Life seems to be full of babies and friends right now. It doesn't get much better than that :).

PS Please say a prayer for my friend B if you think of me during the day. She's going in for surgery for endometriosis tomorrow and it's been a tough decision for her. B I'm thinking of you and praying for you!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baby Days and Sleepless Nights

By some odd twist of fate or God's hand I have been able to attend and actively participate in two births of two very good friends since we've been here. The first was my neighbor, and the second was a friend from church. She gave birth last night. I went over there at 7pm and we were up all night long. She gave birth at 4:36am to a beautiful NINE LB. baby boy, 21 1/2" long, and she did soooo good. She had a midwife at her home and it was so wonderful being able to walk around her home with her and sit with her while she took a bath in labor. The last minutes came and she was scared but she was so strong and did so good. And that baby nursed for hours afterwards. Beautiful, alert, and healthy. Momma and him were sleeping peacefully in bed as the midwife and her apprentices and I left this morning at 8am. I crashed when I got home after getting completely disoriented - lack of sleep can do that to you I guess. What an amazing experience though. She kept thanking me for being there for her and you know what I just feel completely in awe and blessed to have been given such an opportunity to be there in the first place. Her husband and her prayed during labor, the midwife prayed for her, I prayed for her. It was just amazing to see how everything was just as it needed to be.

Baby Feet
The little guys feetsies!!!!! Click on them to see more pics

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Date Night

Exactly why does EVERYone update on the night I'm out on a date? I need reasons here people!! It does give me some reading material when I get home though : ) .

Hubby and I tried out a new place tonight. Very Texan fancy. Expensive and ... well Texas flavuh. Give me North by Northwest over that any day but I'm glad to have went since it's a much talked about Austin restaurant. Now I can give my official two cents : ) . Afterwards we headed to where else? the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed the honorary Allison cheesecake - my first ever cheesecake there with Ms. Allie - Dulce De Leche, a cappucino, a beautiful outdoor seat, and a very friendly waitress. Afterwards we headed over to Borders and walked out with a Sodoku book, a Monet and Van Gogh book, a bunch of readers for J, and a Daddy Kisses book for S. S has always mentioned things are "Daddy and baby" not "Mommy and baby" like most little ones do, and has been reading us a little book he got for his first birthday called Good Night Gorilla - I read him all the words and he has them memorized by looking at the pictures - so he is going to adore this book.

A friend and I met at the Arboretum today for lunch and shopping. I bought a new outfit for tonight's date! Yay! Not like I have the money for it but whatever. It's versatile. I can wear both items seperately : ) . Hehe that's my excuse. Any way we had a good time, shared ice cream and lots of girly talk and deep talk too which is really nice to be able to do and had a fabulous time. B ended up being able to watch the boys at the last minute which was really nice for me although she loves the little guys as well.

We've been out with her and her hubby and another couple a few times and brought the kids each time. We've ended up at places that are great for the kids to enjoy and they just play the whole time while we chat away. B has really been enjoying the hubbies. They are his age and more on his level of being able to provide for his family and whatnot and not completely into sports like most guys his age, so I'm glad he's been able to enjoy that. I've really been hoping he'll find some guy friends that he enjoys here. There's also one other guy that's the hubby of my friend that he really enjoys conversations with so yay him.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lakehouse Day

Saturday B worked but Sunday made up for it ten times over. His brother came to church with us for the first time and loved it. First time visitors always get a little goodie bag and wow have they grown since I got mine. You get a choice of books, a coffee mug besides the homemade cookies and other goodies... This is the second person we've brought who has gotten the books and I mentioned I didn't get one when I first came so she gave me the other one : ) . Hehe I'm happy now. We introduced him to a ton of people who of course were all uber friendly. Unfortunently none of the people from our small group except for one young couple that's been hanging out with our small group were there. They'll have time enough to meet him! He was able to meet my mentor, the lady I've been meeting with every few weeks and she introduced the video series we were doing so that was fun. Oh and he also got to meet a really fun young couple we've gotten together with a few times that seem right up his alley except for the whole married part : ) .

We dropped him off at home and tried to convince him to come to one of the couples in our small groups lakehouse with our small group but he'd had enough people interaction for the day I think and stayed home. So we went by TWO Target's for THIS bathing suit and had no luck. I ended up with this little way too ruffley coral two piece that did not meet my appropriateness level OR cuteness level but silly me it had to do because I didn't bring a back up. I only got into it when another girl who came didn't bring a bathing suit for the same reason ended up wearing one of the other girl's extra one piece she brought. Only it fit her perfectly lol and I ended up in my skanky two piece. I kept a towel around me. Anywho we suited up and hit the water. A couple of the girls water skied and then B got out there and did well! He was trying to convince us all he hadn't been able to get up before though he wakeboards like no tomorrow. J even got out there and gave it a try on these cute little trainer skis. If it weren't for my bathing suit practically falling off on the boat (recalling WHY I don't buy bathing suits at Target or Old Navy anymore) I'd probably be very sore today. S stayed behind with the girl taking the picture and told us all he had a new friend when we got back and then promptly followed her around for the rest of the night. She got a bunch of fun pics if you want to see those let me know and I'll email you the link. Ours are up on Flickr but I didn't take any during the main part of the day as there were enough cameras around.

J (yes, J) drove the boat home and we enjoyed smoked turkey, brisket, and pork, Whole Foods potato salad, fruit salad, chips, cherry vanilla soda, and Symphony bar chocolate brownies and spent the next four hours eating and enjoying good company. We drove home with the boys tanned, hair bleached, and quiet in the back and the sunroof open with the clear blue night sky above us and the half moon sitting perfectly in the shape of the sunroof as I laid my head back. It was a pleasant day.

Lakehouse Day
That's me in the orange ruffley thing on the far left and Brandon next to me. The girl in the one piece is the one leaning towards me. She's too cute! The girl in the middle is a good friend I've gotten together with quite a few times as well. I figure you can't see faces well enough in here to be concerned but I won't be keeping this up for long.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stuff I've done this week:

-Had a wonderful full body massage from my hubby. Yes, THAT kind of massage. I'd been sick I needed it ; ) .
*Got my son a gecko.
-Got my other son a Star Wars game.
*Cleaned my boys room with my family.
-Mopped and went over the baseboards in my bathrooms and kitchen.
*Met a friend for coffee and studying.
-Went to a prenatal appointment with a friend.
*Took a walk with my neighbor and her friend up to the business center to run errands.
-Picked up three packages, two for me, one for J's bday.
*Returned movies and got two more.
-Picked up pool passes.
*Raided their candy containers.
-Bought two sets of drawers for my boys room.
*Went through their chest of drawers to toss out old clothes.
-Took J to his nice lady appointment.
*Held my neighbor's baby for three hours while making fruit salad.
-Can't believe it's only been four days since Memorial's Day - it seems like ages ago.
*Stayed home on Saturday while Hubby is working and played games with the boys.
-Noticed this week involved a lot of organizing and cleaning, must be why the week seemed so long. Hehe.


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