Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything a girls weekend should be

Girl talk, mimosas, vodkas with raspberry lemonade while floating in the pool, strawberry crepes, migas, enchiladas, and bean and cheese nachos at Guero's, chicken pasta salad with spinach, and red and yellow bell pepper, shopping SoCo, the Ranch, and Union City on West Sixth, creepy guys the kind of guys who will approach six girls, perverted quotes, Imperia for sushi with the cast of Real World, sunshine, laughter, riding with the top down, tacos at 3am. Absolutely EVERYthing a girls' weekend should be. More pictures over at Alli's. Oh and she just sent me some of her and I from her iphone. I thought we'd missed those this time around! Yay, SO glad we didn't!!

Getting ready to go out. We had four girls getting ready in here at one point.

Love that we got some cute pictures!

Party time with our hot heels!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls Weekend!!

Wheeeeee!!!!! AHmazing girls weekend!!! Can't wait to post all about it with pictures!!! For now I'm going to pass out from drinking vodka and raspberry lemonade at the pool for the second day in a row, and from staying up til 3 or 4am for the last four nights!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guadalup*n' It

Man, I am up super early and I can't get back to sleep. Alcohol does that to me when it doesn't give me a hangover.

Had an AWESOME weekend floating the river with KT. When we first got on the river some boys from Bost*n tried to talk us out of our alcohol. They even opened our cooler! Then, we met a cute couple from San Marc*s and floated with them the rest of the way, chatting about everything from bl*dder infections (mine), to frat parties, to work, to school. We had a blast! The river was soooooo slow we had to paddle when we weren't going down a chute, so my arms and shoulders are sore today. Oh, and two hours into it I had to pee like a racehorse only I COULDN'T pee like a racehorse (as in, go in the water) so I was freakin' MISERABLE thinking it was my infection until my body couldn't take it anymore and took over my unwillingness to go in the water, like everybody does, and knows it, because well, you're tubing, what else are you going to do. Still, I'm self conscious about and it and didn't grow up going in the water ANYwhere!! Okay, enough, of that conversation. See, I'm still uncomfortable? Ahem.

We stopped for burgers afterwards at the most delicious burger place, but I suppose anything would've tasted pretty fantastic after that. We danced the hour ride home in the car to KT's CD collection, and had quite a few audiences on the way. I'm getting pretty good at driving and dancing. Stoplights are my friend, though. We are officially each other's car dancing partners.

I'm off to read blogs, or facebo*k, or read my Sisterhood of the Travell*ng Pants 2 until I'm tired enough to fall back asleep. Yawn.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change of Pace

So this weekend is going by just as slow, but for a completely different reason. It is PACKED full with the boys going to camp, working out every morning (hello, washboard abs!), errands, cleaning, and going to school in the afternoon. Shawners came by the table while I was doing homework this afternoon, and says, "Are you doing homework?" I said, "Yes." And he says, "You're going to summer school?!" Haha, yes, but only for a few weeks to catch up on what I learned last year so I'll be more prepared for the fall.

In lieu of anything else interesting to say... or just because I'm too tired! Here are some pictures:

BBQing out with KT, M, Li, and K

Date at T*ff's Treats while the boys were at art class - yum!

Our infamous stormy date night where we swam, watched an outdoor production and drove through a lightning, hail, wind, and rainstorm all in an hour and a half

The outdoor theatre. My favorite, favorite, favorite unique place in Aust*n!

The ballet production acts of Elvis and the Beatles. This was Blue Suede Shoes.

Baseball game at R*und R*ck Express

Funnel cake at the baseball game. Yum!

Beer at the baseball game. Even more yum, although it got kind of warm towards the end.

Stormy skies behind us - second night we were stormed out.

Our seats. At least we weren't stormed out til' the ninth inning!

Trial run for Brando taking h*gh school s*nior portraits. I LOVE how this one turned out. There was really no pretty scenery anywhere near that gate except for the gate itself and he totally made it work. Oh he also did these on our date where we went to T*ff's Treats. We squeezed a LOT into an hour!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sloooow Month

So my plans for these first two weekends fell thru, and while I have immediately filled them up with tons of other FUN plans, since the plans were more last minute, it has been less anticipation, and made the month go by sooo much slower. I can't decide if I like it or not.

The boys also both officially got out of school last week, and are in VBS this week which has given me three solid hours every morning to do whatever the hell I want with. At first I was depressed I didn't have work, school volunteering, or end of the year activities to do. Then, I fully embraced it and decided to enjoy the time while I have it. Which led to working out almost every day with my neighbor who's also a personal trainer I discovered, getting my fall school schedule and financial aid settled, checking off a list I created at the beginning of the week to complete this week, going to Barton Springs with Brando, KT, and her sis Ande, then going to see a ballet production on the hillside theatre, getting stormed out and driving thru a hail storm, lightning, and high winds on the way home to the kids, then going to a baseball game with the boys with free season pass seats from my neighbors and getting stormed out again (not til' the ninth inning though). At least this time we left before we had to drive thru a storm to get home.

Still, as much as I HAVE been doing, this month has been CRAWLING at a snails pace. I'm so ready for next weekend and tubing with KT, because I've pushed it off enough for other plans that FELL THROUGH and I told her NO MORE pushing it off. I think I've learned my lesson there. Which is, of course, anything with KT is more fun, more affordable, and will actually happen than other things like work or going to the beach. At least I won't be broke when we go now! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank God for VBS

The boys have been in VBS all week and I have gotten a shitload done despite being broke. Hoping I'll get just as much or more done in these next two days.

Happy Thoughts

Who knew talking to my parents could produce such happy thoughts? Calling my Dad to get ahold of my Mom, having him three-way my Mom without knowing it, then spending the next half hour joking and laughing with them. Felt like being home.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Honest Blog Award


"The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Thirdly, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you." (Okay, so I personally added in #3 and #4, but really, that's just common courtesy when receiving/bestowing anything.)

Thanks to Angela at angelaboration for awarding me... here you go!

1. I have group anxiety. It's not quite the same as social anxiety, and according to Google I'm the only one who's coined it as such. It has similar symptoms as social anxiety, but pertains only to groups. Whenever I am in a group of people I don't know, or a group of people who have not met each other I get intensely anxious and stress about it up until the very moment. I first discovered this a few years back when I met up with a couple girls. One of the girls had invited a few of us she didn't know very well and one friend she did know. I ended up feeling very awkward and quiet and stressed about trying to stay in the conversation I really had no care too, and had the WORST time. It was horrible. Fortunately, directly after that I went to meet my now BF Kels for the first time and had an absolutely amazing, fun, laughing our arses off time. I realized then that it wasn't necessarily the girls (altho I wouldn't have had as much with them as I do with Kels), but it was the group environment, and the fact that I didn't know a one of them very well at all. Since then I have noticed it when I go into groups such as a class, or a new school for my children, or an organization I have chosen to be a part of but don't know anybody. I get gripped with a fear that I will have to hold my own and be a part of a conversation I a) know nothing about or b) care nothing about. People actually think I'm mad when I go to weddings, clubs, or the like because I get very quiet and stressed and it shows. I've been trying to replace the stress with a smile so I can at least fake it til I make it which doesn't take long, but I'm still working on that! My little one has acquired it as well, and gets terrified that people are looking at him when he goes into new groups. Once they start playing he usually gets along fine, but that initial moment is so overwhelming for him. Actually in kindergarten he sat by the side all of recess the entire year, and half the year in PE. He eventually got into it, but he just had no interest until he was completely comfortable. That's really the way I am, I may stress about it but the truth is I'm completely comfortable by myself until I have had time to adjust to those around me. I've also noticed for me it comes across in a more adult way of being terrified of change. I am sick and tired of starting my life over, and I just don't want to do it one. more. time. Not with my kids' school, not with where we live, not with Brando's work, not with my work. I'm just done!! I had the realization this morning that they may have more to do with my group anxiety than just being afraid of change. I am tired of having to create a new life.

2. I would eat sandwiches and salads every day of the week if I could. I hate most dressings and would be okay with Italian or oil and vinegar any day of the week. This leads me to number

3. I wasn't feeding my kids enough last year. I fed them what I ate (see above). Note to self (and you, if you're a health freak parent like I used to be): kids need fat. It's one of the four essential nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, calories, and fat. Oh, yes, all those things we adults mostly avoid, who knew kids need them to grow?! So I've been using the food pyramid and been trying to catch Shawners' up on as much as I can get his little body to eat. If you're curious on what children need to eat AFTER they are 7 since the baby books only go up to age 5, check out the Food Guide Pyramid worksheet for kids. This thing is awesome, and Shawners has been eating SO much better since I discovered it. It's also neat for him to realize when he eats something like crackers, pretzels, ice cream, or chips, it doesn't have a slot on the nutrition guide and therefore it's not really helping him "grow". It also gives you equivalents of required items so there's no guess work involved in guessing how much cheese involves how many servings or cups of dairy. We've actually been measuring his food, just so we can understand how much an actual cup of milk, 1/2 cup of fruit, an ounce of cheese is. It's not too difficult to fill out that whole sheet, it's just a matter of the food being available and offering fruit and veggies for snacks instead of the fillers. He loves avocado and artichokes and the worksheet has inspired me to keep those on hand more since we can add to his worksheet for those!

4. My vice is Blue Bell ice cream. I've always justified my ice cream addiction as being my calcium intake, since I don't like and don't eat milk and yogurt. My favorite is natural vanilla bean with chocolate syrup - Hershey's or hot fudge, depending on my mood. Cookies and Creme, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are a close second. Blue Bell is mostly natural, so I feel like it makes up for the fact that it's ice cream : ) . Dreyer's, and Ben and Jerry's on the other hand, I feel fat after eating. Yuck.

5. All the things I did when my kids were little? I realized they aren't going to remember them. Except maybe through this blog. There are so many unique events in Austin we attended a few years ago when they were smaller (and freeer - that's not a word) that they barely remember, if at all. When I see those events coming up now I think in my head we've already done that. But they don't remember they did it, and honestly have the things they aren't even interested in. I guess smaller children don't have much choice in what you do and where you go!! Tough realization for my exploring habits. Although I do drag them along despite their opinions if it's something I really want to do!! In contrast, I'll also be willing to be dragged along if it's something they really want to do.

6. I have home-schooled my children, put my children in private school, and now have them in public school. So far I like public school the best. For various reasons covered here, but I don't think I actually said that. I'm not sure if I covered the reasons I like public school the best, so if you're curious right now it's because they allow you to give your best. I felt the private school pulled the best out of you tooth and nail and nothing you ever did was good enough. People actually learned to be okay with doing a mediocre job of what was asked of them because they always asked too much. I feel public school gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond if you choose to. On top of that, in our school district, they really gear the education towards the individual child instead of putting them all in a box. Which is what I wanted to accomplish with homeschool, hoped to accomplish with the specialized private school, and got with the public school. Yes they teach the kids the same thing, but at that individual child's level. It helps that Justinb's teachers live in my apartment community, and that I've become good friends with them.

7. My first trip to Hawaii was when Justinb was four months old. He learned to roll over in a playpen ten feet from the ocean. I went as a nanny with the family I babysat for and had a blast. The mom was, unbeknownst to me, slowly re becoming an alcoholic on that trip and we would go out and party and have a blast. I was 16 and we had a system of ordering drinks where I would get just as plastered as her. It wasn't Germany, but it felt like it. We hung out like the friends we were, and I would lay by the beach and drink mai tai's when her and her husband went out.

8. I grew up not being able to wear pants or shorts. I wore skirts and culottes, those weird half skirts half shorts half pants but not at all cute like capris. That all ended about age 14. I was also not allowed to be friends with boys. That also ended about age 14. I wasn't allowed to listen to any music with a beat. Yep, that ended about 14, too. Moral of the story is, don't put your kids in a box, they may end up like me. Heh heh.

9. I don't always want to live in Texas. I would love to be back in California someday. Just when my kids are grown and not subdued by the craziness that is the S*nta Cr*z lifestyle. My parents could afford to shelter me from the lifestyle 90% of the population live there, and for a part of it I'm glad they did, another part not so much, especially when I WAS old enough to make my own decision. But my kids would be in the throes of it, because that's about where we could afford to live and send them to school. So here I stay.

10. Okay, for this one, seriously, those of who have no idea what it's like to never try anything, please don't judge me for not having tried anything. I don't judge you, please don't judge me. All the more power to you if you have tried things and not gotten hooked on it, or have and have got off of being hooked on them! You're a stronger person for it. If you currently do recreational p*t, well, I drive past the speed limit and you don't kill people when you drive, so I still don't judge. I have tons of friends who sm*ke p*t, love them to pieces, have no interest. I've seen it, smelled it, touched it, sat next to people sm*king it, and have no interest. Except for my best girl who has done it only once, I maybe would do it with her, somewhere on vacation (disclaimer) where it's leg*l *cough*, but other than that have no interest. For that matter, anything else on that board, which I have absolutely no interest in, even with my best girl.

I tag my A*stin girlies who I have yet to meet and hear all these things in person...

Raychelle at Zelda Ray
Kylie at Hello Kylie
Christy at Better Together
Erin Michelle at Adventure #986

Wow, that was a lot of work to tag and comment, but I'm about to comment on every single one of your blogs. So it was totally worth it : ) . Go me!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

What makes a perfect Sunday?

*Getting to sleep early the night before, so I actually wake up shortly after the butt crack of dawn

*Putting on my makeup outside in the beautiful morning breeze

*Having plenty of time to get ready to go

*Sundresses and wedges

*Church with my family on time for once

*Lunch with my sister and her family, requested by my oldest

*Shopping trip with the boys

*Laying out by the pool with Brando, the boys, M, K, and Li

*Floating in the pool with limeade and vodka

*Going to see the Hangover with M, Li, KT, and Stevie, with whiskey and coke, and vodka and sprite

*Laughing our a*ses off

*Coming home to a hot hubby

...all those pretty much make a perfect Sunday.

Lazy Summer Weekends

We took the boys to art class yesterday with their art teacher they LOVE and haven't seen in a month while we had a date, then went apartment price comparison hunting since we're paying an outrageous amount on ours compared to what they're currently asking, then came back and lazed by the pool with M and K. M brought margaritas in a bottle from their last trip to Cabo. Why didn't any one tell me they give you these things free on the way to Mexico?! I'm flying to Mexico and back just to get smashed. One of those things and a beer did me in for the rest of the night and I am sooooo not a lightweight. We were both reeling by the pool and looking at each other going, "What is going on?! These things are STRONG." Must've been the sun and alcohol combo.

We came back in for a lazy dinner and family movie and passed out wayyyyy early. It was kind of nice because I'm actually ready for church on time for once. Last week the boys left without me and I leisurely strolled in after church was over. Worked out, any way, because I needed my car for work afterwards, but I don't have work afterwards today! Whoo hoo!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What to do

Totally at a loss as to what to do over the summer. I officially lost my summer gig I had going for this month which would be the paycheck that would be carrying me through RIGHT NOW and the next few weeks. Looking back I'm thinking it's silly that I didn't have something else lined up, but really it's not. This was a solid job I did ALL YEAR that was going to leak into the summer. I had no reason to believe it wasn't going to happen. Turns out twelve of the separate days I had committed to AREN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. Which leaves me slightly pissed that I wasn't told until the day of or week before on each of them, especially when I'd already made the commitment.  The job had never been like this before otherwise I wouldn't have stuck with it!! I'm totally up shite creek right now. I sure hope the next few things I do I can sneak some vodka into my water, because that's the way I'm going to roll. I'll figure it all out next week, but in the meantime, I don't have two dimes to rub together. Actually, I do. I have a bucket of change. Maybe I'll raid that.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Family Night

I had to laugh last night when Jillian asked me if it was just me and my boys or if I had a man, too. Granted she only discovered our group, and thus my blog, a few days ago and had only known me for an hour. But, still, it made me laugh. It also made me think back on how this blog has evolved with me. When I first started all I had to post about was my kids, and my hubby. And post about them I did. From family weekends to homeschool days to dinner at night. That was my life. Not anymore. Since about three years ago this blog followed me from being a stay at home mom going to a working mom. From being a shy, insecure girl to being a bold, firm, woman. Okay I'm not THAT bold and THAT firm, but a hell of a lot more firm and bold than I used to be and I darn well will say what I need and want to say when I need and want to say it. I rarely mention my kids and my hubby anymore because they don't define me. That doesn't mean I love them any less. I love them more, actually! I am so happy as a person (usually, except when I go thru changes and have to fight my way thru being depressed back to the happy person I am!!) that I have so much more to give back to them. At the end of the day, at the beginning of the day, in between. I'm still cranky sometimes, but I don't take it out on them that they're all I give to so why should I be treated this way! I don't give everything to them anymore. I give a lot to me. I give a lot to my hubby. And I give a lot to my kids. But I make darn well sure that I am taken care of first. 

Well, I didn't mean to get all philosophical on you. I actually meant to tell you about my evening, sort of to prove this point. We got home this afternoon after a doctor's appointment where I found out Justinb has chiggers and a bad allergic reaction to them - not poison ivy, like I originally thought. Thank God! The boys did their chores, cleaned their room, drew me pictures,

played sweetly as all heck for two hours in their room with their legos and snorkel gear (um, yes, that's not a typo) AND their door closed. Hallelujah, quietness! Then their friend came to the door and asked if they could play and off they went to play baseball upstairs. I oh so very domestically made some artichokes for an afternoon snack (mostly because artichokes and avocados are the only two veggies Shawners will eat) and took them upstairs along with my iced coffee to watch them play. Before I went up there I called my good friend JenH to see if she wanted to sit out there and watch them with me. She brought her own iced coffee and sat and chatted with me for a good hour while our boys played baseball. Later, one of her boys spotted Justinb's teacher, Jo, driving up to her place. So I texted Jo to see if she wanted to join us. She texted back "On my way!" and brought cherries along with her. We chatted for the next hour before Brando got home and joined us for another hour. We didn't end up coming in until 7:30pm when I made pan-seared sirloin and rice pilaf for dinner, with angel food shortcake and strawberries for dessert. So there's my undomesticated domesticated girlie life that I absolutely love.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hell Yeah!!!

First evAH A*stin Bloggirls get together!!

Mai, Jillian, Dani, Me, and Erin

Oh, yeah, and girls? That other picture was totally blurry, so hopefully Erin's turned out better! I had sooo much fun!! And I can't wait for karaoke and cupcakes! So fun to meet you all especially before summer. Whoo hoo!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A*stin Bloggirls Meetup!!

Whoo hoo!!! An A*stin group for 20 something girls who blog was created last year, but have yet to have our first official meetup. That is all about to change tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:30pm. If you are not on the confirmed list already, GET ON IT!! You can either email me by clicking on view my profile and emailing me via the link in the top left that says "email" or sign in to the group and reply to the thread.

So far we've got Christy, Dani, Squish, Megan, MaiErin, Jillian, and myself. Can't wait to see you all!!!


I can NOT believe how I am so incredibly thrown off this month!!! Since Memorial Day is usually the last Monday of the month, and this month ended on a Sunday, I had it in my head that June started LAST week. And even though I realized what I was doing, I am STILL flashing back to thinking we're already onto the second week of June. Sheesh!! Thank God for google calendar and texting. I'm having to set up texts for every single event I've got going on!

In other news, we're having an A*stin Bloggirls meetup!!! Whoo hoo!!!! Maybe I should make a new post so it'll show up in blog readers. I think I will.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Trying to keep my head above water

This summer is totally not working out work wise as I had hoped. I had several jobs that I THOUGHT were going to carry me thru the first few weeks of June, but not so much. I did help out with a wedding and got paid a decent amount for that. When I had first offered I wasn't even thinking I was going to be paid so that was a nice surprise. Plus it was so much FUN. I had a few jobs lined up with the people that I nannied for over the school year, but tomorrow's fell thru because they're sick. This weekend I was supposed to watch her overnight but they just sold their condo and are having to come up with money to pay the other realtor as they only broke even on what they owed. So that may fall through. I REALLY don't want to do the leasing agent thing again. My last two jobs sucked. But you know what? Reading that post makes me rethink it. All of the other jobs I had I loved. I may just have to put those two jobs on my no work list (not that I have one, but I could make one!). Plus, the boys are old enough to stay home for a few hours by themselves so we don't have to rush around trying to find a babysitter three Saturdays out of the month when Brando will work to noon.

Any way, I have a meetup with several moms tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping that will line up a job or two. I've signed up with a nanny agency, but wow, it is intense and I'm not really sure if I want to be that intense about nannying!! Sheesh, just need a little extra money, not permanent placement (that sounds SO forboding). Cross your fingers for me! I don't want to spend all summer stressed about that little extra bit that we need to come in to survive!!


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