Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Friend,

So a friend who reads my blog wrote me recently and asked what I was up to these days and mentioned she lost track somewhere along the way. I realized I've been so busy that I've forgotten to add the details of life on here!

I finshed up my first course in college and am beginning my second tomorrow!! Yay! At this point my goal is to earn a degree and then put Brando through college. At which point he will be a successful realtor, be known throughout the city for his amazing investment insight, and we'll be making tons of money any way. : ) Realistically, J and S will both be in school next year and that gives me some time to take a few well timed courses without worrying about babysitting. Hopefully this will allow me to finish up my degree in a more timely manner. I'm still giving myself ten years - because well, I have kids, and no family in town (my one sister and her family who live forty-five minutes outside of town is thinking of moving out-of-state *pout* but that's a story for another)! Besides they will be in highschool at that point and that will be a great starting point for a career for me.

Some friends and I have also started a super fun and super energetic dance and aerobics class. Li calls it aerbohop (hip hop and aerobics). Kels will be joining us soon since the moment she found out she gave me an earful for not telling her I was taking it when I first started! Oops. I switched my math course to mornings instead of evenings in order to keep taking this, also because I've heard taking math in the summer is good and having it be at least three days of classs helps you to retain all the information. We'll see.

J finished up school last week (that was the end of the year party by the lake we went to) and has some FUN stuff going on this summer. Cub scout day camp, art classes, vacation bible school, possibly a business and a lego robotics camp, and of course summer reading clubs. The boys have already earned free tickets to Six Flags over Texas San Antonio thru one reading club this spring! Whoohoo! Go them!

S will be starting kindergarten this fall and has a kindergarten camp coming up to prepare for it! SOOO cute. I am SOO excited for him to make friends this year. He has felt so left out when J has had playdates with his friends. On the same note we've enjoyed so many dates together, him and I, this year. Chuck E. Cheese, trips to Hobby Lobby and Toys R Us, playing the Reactrix floor video game at Barton Creek Mall, going to Main Event, playing games or going to the park, and talking. Those are moments I will always treasure and am so grateful that we had.

Between courses, summer camps, art lessons, and parent teacher training meetings this summer we have a completely PACKED summer that I spent the day today creating my calendar for the season. I'm excited for the kids, though, and for me!

Oh, the house is progressing! Brando did the construction walk thru last Friday and said, yes, that's where we want the garage, back door, patio, etc. and they'll be pouring the foundation probably this week. We've been so bad and haven't taken pictures! Lord willing, we'll be in it in the fall.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Picking Peaches


I look like Eve about to take a bite of app - er, peach.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

End of Year Party

Captain JTpers. I can't believe what a man he has become, the big eight year old!!

Me only because I don't want to post ones of me and other people... sigh.
Shawners running around like a crazy cutie like he is.
Not from the party, from last night and too precious that I had to include it.
Shawners hand and mine.

The girl section - that's his teacher on the right in purple. Such a sweetheart and her son who is in J's class and J have hit it off which is GREAT because they live just down the road.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The ABC's of Me

Because Laura tagged me way too long ago and because I really want to post something and have no desire to post about the crazy busyness of my life right now. It's good, I just want to relish it instead of writing about it : ) .

A - Attached or Single: I'm attached. Sometimes against my will, sometimes not. It's the only attachment I would want though!

B - Best Friend: I've known my BFF since we were six. I grew up with her. She knows every in and out of every aspect of my childhood, me, my life. I call for the stuff that only she will really get about me, and I call her for the really big decisions (like getting married, and having a second baby...). In the present my sistah is KelBel!!!!!!! Speaking of childhood, this girl has almost the exact same in so many aspects yet completely different in others. We meld like margaritas and sunshine. She's my twinkie.

C - Cake or Pie: Cake... and preferably chocolate with a raspberry filling or angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipe cream. Ewwww I can't stand pie! I'll eat it sometimes but I leave the crust unless I make it.

D - Drink of Choice: Water is my first choice, but occasionally I'll drink a Starbucks frappucino in the glass bottle, or iced tea (hence my current fascination with wanting to whiten my teeth).

E - Essential Item: My makeup goes with me anywhere I go that is further than half an hour from my home. Duh! Oh specifically an essential? I'd have to say it's the new Lorac tinted moisturizer I've just discovered. Goes on soooo smooth and actually looks like my skin, not something caked on.

F - Favorite Color: I heart sage green. That's been my favorite for awhile and it's about to go out the door in favor of a turqouise blue or some flavor of pink, but for now it remains.

G - Gummi Bears or Worms: I love anything gummi!!

H - Hometown: Santa Cruz, California. A hard hometown to get over - it's just SO beautiful and nowhere compares. Unfortunently it also is one most expensive places to live in the US.

I – Indulgence(s): Sunshine. I really need to get better about it. Chocolate. Because it's that time. Ice cream. It's my calcium.

J - January or July: July. Summer all the way!! Although if I were to have my say it would be March and November when the weather changes and flowers are in bloom or the leaves are falling.

K - Kids: 2. More than enough. For now.

L - Life is incomplete without: God. My hubby. My kids. The gorgeousness of nature - the ocean, the sunsets, the flowers, the mountains, the hills. How's that for sentimental I just threw up a little in my mouth sweetness? Seriously other than that - fashion, makeup, decorating, I just love the beauty and wonder and evolvement of it all.

M - Marriage Date: Six and a half years ago.

N - Number of Siblings: Three, plus two brother in-laws, one sis-in-law, one ex bro-in-law, one ex sis-in-law, and one soon to be sis-in law and possibly a soon to be bro-in-law. I just realized I only have one brother-in-law on my side of the family at this point.

O - Oranges or Apples: Both. In a fruit salad.

P - Phobias/Fears: Spiders. Elevators. Not getting the daisies to my kid's last day of school festival that I was supposed to get two days ago but ended up sending my hubby out this morning to get them. Seriously I woke up five times during the night thinking about it and was dreaming about it the rest of the time.

Q - Favorite Quote: My new one that I've actually memorized? Relish in the small stuff, sometimes it's all that you've got.

R - Reason to smile: Me! Yeah, I'm working on that.

S - Season: Oh this is my chance - spring and fall, spring and fall!

T- Tag Three: Girl, Allison, and Kimberly

U - Unknown Fact About Me: That's a toughie. I usually spill all my guts out here. Umm how about I was married when I had my baby boy at 17, met my hubbers at 18, and married at 19? That's not really unknown if you do the math. What about - I stood Brando up on our first date.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Never really thought about it as oppressor of animals... I really don't eat that much meat. I used to be a steak and potatoes lover but that has changed to chicken and salad.

W - Worst Habit: Being on the computer WAYYYYYY too much. For me. I'm really not obsessed. Can you see the stage of denial?

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: Huh? I just don't get this question. Honestly I think an X-ray is cooler to look at - you can actually see stuff. But if it's being given to me an ultrasound all the way! Especially if it's when I was pregnant and 3D.

Y - Your Favorite Foods: Salad - any kind. Ice cream. Chocolate. Tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mozzarella, herbed bread, in any combination of the above. Fruit salad when it's fresh and done well with berries! I'm making myself hungry.

Z- Zodiac: Cancer. No idea what that is supposed to mean though.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Review

This weekend we helped a friend move and then went to dinner at another friend's house where the boys played the Wii and the girl and I made cards - the boys did make a few cards. Fun! Sunday we went to church where my nephew had a graduation ceremony, then went to Sunday brunch for his graduation and my other nephew's birthday. After that we went to an Asian market with my sis and her boys that had giant squid and live packed catfish, and live talapia, and BLACK eggs. I think I threw up in my mouth more than once. The rest of the selection looked yummy.

Then. We went on a date. oh boy was that an adventure. We dropped the kids off at Kristi's then headed home to check on the dog and change. She went diarrhea all over her kennel. With blood. Later we figured out it was because we fed her a bad bone from HEB last week that was huge yet she devoured it in half an hour so her stomach is torn up. We're feeding her rice cooked in chicken broth for a few days. She's getting better already, thank God. Poor girl. Brando spent two hours cleaning it up THEN we went out.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory. Yum! We shared a chopped salad with grilled chicken, Paradise Iced Tea (made with real Hawaiian flowers, my FAVORITE), grey goose vodka with soda water (I'm hooked), cappuccino, and Dulce de Leche cheesecake. Mmmmm! My friends took the boys swimming and to a cookout at their brother's place so they were EXHAUSTED when we came to pick them up. They had a great time.

Tonight I did my second dance class. Well technically I did my second AND third because we went for the intro to hip hop class and stayed for the cardio jams class which was MUCH more fun. Fifteen minute ab workout, then hip hop and aerobic cardio moves. Such a fab and fun workout. Our third girlie went with us this week - she was sick last week - and we had a great time cheering each other on, or giving each other completely lost looks at the intro to hip hop class where they had us go two by two across the room in front of EVERYbody. Gah. I did feel like it helped me realize I need to keep count when doing the moves and be thinking ahead to the next step and move I'll be making which helped me rock the aerobihop class this time. Compared to last time any way and I felt soooo much more comfortable.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Small Stuff

I've always hated the quote, Don't sweat the small stuff. I don't know why. It's always rubbed me the wrong way. I've never heard a quote I liked that counteracted it until today. I have heard, It's all small stuff. Definently didn't do it for me.

Today I read, They say don't sweat the small stuff. Well I say RELISH in the small stuff, sometimes it is all that you've got!

Shortened to Relish in the small stuff, sometimes it is all that you've got!, that is officially my small stuff quote. Thanks to Eurobimbo (whose blog and life is absolutely incredible and a dream)!
Normally my title controls the subject of my post but today I don't have a title so you get whatever comes out. I am FINALLY getting together with my girlie Kels after almost three months (as she says I don't think that's an exaggeration) of not seeing each other. Next Tuesday nobody but Kels!! Hopefully when I move down there we won't go so long without seeing each other.

Unfortunately on the other end of that I hope there won't be three months between seeing my girlies where we live now when I move down south!! It's already hard enough to see them!! Speaking of Jen and I went to our first dance class last night. SO fun. Okay I admit I was SO freaking lost - especially on the footwork which meant I was concentrating so hard on that forget about the hands. I still had fun and mentally pushed past the give up feeling. This class was a cardio jazz class with LOTS of body moves - hip thrusting, arms going, everything. Loverly. Next week we'll be doing a beginning hip hop class, I'm hoping that will be a little easier. This is the first time I have ever taken an aerobics class so it's that much more challenging to learn even the basics. Thankfully I've done a few DVDs with my neighbor so I knew some of the very very basics - the grapevine, side step - but I get totally lost on the turns or going forward or back especially back. Any hints, suggestions, practice, etc. are totally appreciated!!

I received a baby shower invitation that is out of this WORLD. I have never seen such a gorgeous baby shower invitation. Completely custom printed, four parts, dang it's nicer than most wedding invitations I've seen. Anywho I'm still deciding if I'm going to go or not, I know the girl but not incredibly well, and honestly the invite is a little intimidating. And I would need to get a new sundress... : ) Girl, where did you get that pretty yellow one?

Oh I never blogged my parent's trip. Some of it was fun. My sister planned it all and it was a little boring. Okay a lot. Usually when my parents go home they call me several times during the following week to tell me what a fabulous time they had, as well as gushing about the trip before they're even on the plane. They haven't called once this week.

When I plan stuff we'll do Schlitterbahn, the pool, Austin Parks n Pizza, eat at Olive Garden, etc. For Saturday my sister planned a day at the lake which WAS fun and they were so sweet they gave Justinbustin a REAL fishing pole for his birthday. For Sunday I had planned Mother's Day Brunch which was also a BLAST and delicious, then it kind of petered from there. We hung out at a freaking BOOKSTORE for three hours because my sister's family had to meet up with her in-laws for mother's day dinner and didn't want to do anything that involved time in the meantime such as swimming.

The minute they took off we headed home after a quick stop at Sephora to spoil me :D and went swimming. My Mom got in the pool which if you knew my Mom you would realize that doesn't normally happen and we had such a great time!! We headed home when it started to rain but had a blast getting to the cars trying to keep everything from getting soaked. Then Brando and I went to Rudino's to grab yummy Greek salad and pizza and we had dinner and played the Wii, which was a blast.

Monday sucked. My sister had planned for us to go to the Children's Museum in downtown Austin, but when I checked online for coupons I noticed they were CLOSED. So we ended up going out to where her son works and having lunch, which also sucked, because apparently the guys he works with are trying to get him fired because they're a**es and they were the ones who made our lunch and they WERE a**es. Dumb.

Afterwards my sis and her boys took off and we headed towards the airport and stopped to have ice cream. Yum! Funny how the best moments this weekend besides the lake day were withOUT my sister's family and the lack of any kind of eventful things to do. Sigh. I had gotten sick of pushing and pulling with her and her fam every time my parents are out here to make sure we all have some great memories, but I'm totally going to plan next time! Or even just NOT planning but giving time to go to the freakin' pool a little more!!!

Still my parents ended up staying with us - yay! They had wanted to stay at my sister's who tried to pawn it off by saying that I always want them to stay here and her family was 'okay' with that, but I said absolutely not, they stay where they want to and they want to stay at your place, that's YOUR choice not mine. I wasn't going to let her use me as her scapegoat. Then it came out that because of their dinner Sunday night they would rather my parents stay at my place any way. Sorry, had to vent the family drama for some reason.

Oh one final totally random thought that reading Allison's latest post got me to thinking of - allergies are kicking me in the BUTT these last two weeks. I've never had allergies before but I guess it is true Texas gives you allergies. The sneezing, the itchy throat, the sinuses clogging, YUCK. On a futuristic note I'm not sure if I want to be here forever just because of that!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Music Recital

Justinbustin had his first music recital today. WOW! He did amazing. We went in having no idea it would be as big of a deal as it was. They had a spring program printed out, the vice principal accompanying the kiddos and their flutophones. J had the very first solo. Awwww!! He was FABULOUS!!! I took him out for a BIG sno cone afterwards and played the Wii with him all night. He has learned SO much and come SO far! So proud of him!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Our night of debauchery...

By the way, my parents visit was a blast. A LOT more relaxing than normal - mostly due to the fact I took a step back on planning this time around. Good quality time either way.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Go Me!

I have to post this really quick because Blogger has a scheduled outage at 4pm. But today was a DAY. I realized J had a field trip downtown at 12:45pm on the UT campus just as I realized I was babysitting Krist*n's baby from 1:30-5. I compromised, met her at 1pm and we traded cars and I went down to J's field trip with all three boys. We hit traffic and it took us 45 minutes to get there. Siblings weren't allowed so as soon I got there after navigating one way streets and finding a parking spot amidst a thriving college campus on the fourth floor of a parking garage I put J in the care of another mom on the trip and waited outside with S and the baby. They were done fifteen minutes later and he still got to see the only two things they all saw on the field trip any way - the Gutenberg Bible (sp?) and the printing press.

Afterwards we headed to ice cream for a reward for ME for sticking through it all amidst the many obstacles and J had a meltdown. Once again I was perfectly calm through it all, let him cry it out, then offered him his ice cream, and talked to him to make sure we both understood what was going on. We played for a bit at the cow park and headed home.

When we got home I realized I'd given K my house key with the car keys. Fortuenntly the back door was unlocked! Must post now before Blogger goes out but that's pretty much it! Oh yeah, my parents are coming tonight so I'm working on getting the house clean in the midst of it all : ) . hehe

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Such a Mom!

Justinbustin celebrated his birthday with his class today with cupcakes Shawners and I brought him! First time I have ever done that. In fact I forgot to do it las night so all morning Shawners and I mixed batter, baked cupcakes, and frosted and sprinkled 'em. Then we brought them to Justinbustin's lunch, sang happy birthday, distributed chocolate or vanilla and we were off. Awww, I'm such a Mom. hehe

In other news our financial situation is in the crap shoot! Holy crap things have gotten out of control. Courtney? You rock for all that you're doing with your debt and stuff. We had - read: had - been keeping track of what we were spending, keeping an emergency fund, paying off debt one credit card at a time, blahdiddyblah, but hell if I was going to keep it up one sided. Okay I don't mind keeping it one sided, but heck if I'm going to pinch pennies so my sweet darling hubbers can spend those pennies on the next new toy he's got his mind set on. I don't think so. So you know what? I've been enjoying my dates with Shawners, not feeling guilty for getting cupcake materials, getting the doggie bones and doggie supplies as needed, and feeling good about getting what we need when we need it. And I don't feel a drop of remorse.

As I texted Brando the other day, "I am with you every step of the way but I cannot make the decision for you. You have a choice to make. You can choose to let our money go where it may and be in financial ruin and you can choose to decide where it will go and have financial liberty. [aren't I poetic? ha]" His text back was, "I appreciate your support and particularly that you are supporting me make or break... That is VERY strong of you." It actually kind of blew me away so I asked if he was being sarcastic and he said no, he was trying to be very clear that he WASN'T being sarcastic and that he thinks it is strong of me.

Will things change? I don't know. He's seeing my counselor now too (yay!) separately from me, and he is talking about the issues that keep him from talking to me about money. As far as I'm concerned until that is dealt with I would rather not talk about it and have our relationship. When we talk about it tensions rise and get high. We need to deal with it when we've matured. We're not mature enough right now to deal with it and save our relationship at the same time. Soon though!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday 8 year old!

Happy birthday my precious little man! This morning I told you I never had an eight year old before and you said, "Of course I would be the first one." You are so self-assured and mature, you have a deep inner-confidence that astounds me. God has gifted you with the gift of mathematics and arts, as well as a deep passion for them, as well as giving you the gift of intelligence. Your ability to learn in any situation we put you in amazes me. In soccer you blew them away with your coordination and skill, in your first time ice skating they were blown away that you had never had a lesson before, in school you have met challenges head on and amazed each one of us with how much you have taken on and grown. At home, you blow us away with your abiblity to comprehend what is going on around you and come up with a positively new way to deal with any situation. When you were little I would tell you we can't do something, and you would come up with a perfectly realistic way that we actually could, and we would. Now you do it yourself, but you do it all the time. I see it in the way you organize your desk, the way you approach school and learning, the questions you ask me - the deep, deep questions, the way you wrap your mind around new concepts and internalize them. You amaze me little man. I can not believe you are eight. The journey only continues from here and I am so excited to have the privilege of enjoying it!

Many many x's and o's,

Crickets in the Bathroom

Crickets don't survive in Texas. We get those nasty cicadas and grasshoppers. Nothing so lovely and small as crickets that sing when night falls. In Texas the cicadas sound like a saw at a saw mill. Fortunently they eventually fade into the background, much like the sound of the cricket does when you live in California. Shawner's gecko has grown up a little and is now eating big crickets. I brought them home yesterday and was surprised to hear them rubbing their wings together and singing! They were so noisy in the boys room last night we ended up putting them in the bathroom and they're STILL singing. Poor tired little guys. But I love the sound and am enjoying it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's a Post!

I left this comment over at Girl's on a post where she was talking about how people make assumptions that because we are the moms we should be the ones staying home and taking care of the baby all. day. every. day. and decided it was worth a post to remember it [edited to make sense]...

It takes a strong woman to not feel 'guilty' for not staying at home. I am just now getting out of the guilt of thinking I HAVE to be home to have a healthy family. It is liberating. My family is happier because I am happier. It stretches and grows Brando's and my relationship because we actually have to work as a team together and it's not falling all on my shoulders anymore. I'm not working yet, but I'm working towards working and I am finally okay with that. Thank God! I'm not just okay with it but see the benefit in being able to affect the lives of those around me and have my children be able to learn that much more from me.

It's awesome to not fall into that stigma of having to stay at home to have a healthy family in the first place! It is hard to hear people act like I should be home and doing things because that's my "job" when it isn't. It's great to be equal partners and the hubby to be on the same page! We're getting there...

Wiiiiiiii! And totally random stuff

J's birthday is TOMORROW!! Happy birthday my sweet big man! Brando's Mom got the family a Wii for his birthday. Those things have been out since December but are just now starting to become available - Brando waited in line at midnight to get one and there was four people standing behind him. When they brought the Wiis out there were only six Wiis. Crazy. Anywho, we have ours and it is SO much fun. The excitement has kind of wore off because a good friend of Brando has one we've been playing for awhile but it's still a blast to have!

Gah. Either allergies are kicking me in the butt or I'm sick. I'm pretty sure it's allergies, but then again allergies aren't supposed to be green are they? Ewwww. Any way I'm feeling okay just dousing myself with herbs before my parents get here so I'm not hacking while they are here.

Well my class has ended and I don't start another until the end of June. J's cub scouts is on break and he will be out of school the end of this month as well. Yay!! Finally a free schedule for a little while. Although next week is when Jen, Michele, and I will be starting our dance class. Fun!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sooooo Much Fun or My Reward for Completing My Class

(Update on Monday, May 7: I just finished my last class! Eeeee!! So excited - go me!! My professor mentioned using my girl's night as my reward and so here it is. Next downtown girl's night is approximately the end of August : )

Last night was a girl's night on the town. Allison and her group of girlies came to Austin for the night. They had a hotel room booked so once I decided to go out with them I decided to crash with them as well and not have to bother driving myself home (not that I could've in the state I was in. heh). I met them at Whole Foods and got to meet all her girlies - sweet and cute A2, fun M, gorgeous and sexy LBP who I've met before but actually got to hang out with this time, and awesome dancer T. Brando and I had skipped the birthday party earlier and taken the kids to Rudy's to eat so I just chatted with the girls while they ate.

Afterwards we headed to the hotel to check in and doll up, glitter our eyes, and break out the cleavage before we hit downtown. Then we called a cab and headed to sixth street. It was Cinco de Mayo of course so the downtown streets were packed and blocked off which made for fun walking. We must've been offered at least five free rounds of drinks just while walking. Fortunently Allison has the magic drink for no hangovers - grey goose vodka, soda water, and two limes. Perfect. We started at Spill then headed to the Aquarium for a little before going back to Spill for the night. I've only been dancing three or four times before so it took me awhile to loosen up. Once I thought about the fact that I was on a rare occasion of being out on the town with such FUN and down to earth girls I had such a great time being around and staying in a hotel to boot, I let loose and had a BLAST dancing the night away with Allison, but that's another story. We had SO much fun and got back to the hotel completely trashed - perfect for instant sleep.

This morning we headed to Austin Java Company for brunch and said goodbyes. What an absolute FUN group of girls! I had such a GREAT time and can't wait to do it again when Kel and I head up to Allison's town for another night of fun!

When I got home Brando had taken the boys to watch Spiderman 3 so I grabbed my study bag and did my final exam. Dang that was hard! I thought since it was a take home exam it wouldn't be much, but it was exhausting covering every bit of material we've covered in the last eight weeks. I took a break to go to the pet store and got Brownie a new PINK rope toy and and then to dinner with Brando and the boys. We came home and played some tennis on the new Wii Brando's Mom got the family for J's birthday, then I headed back out to study for two and and a half more hours. I was so exhausted when I got home I melted in a bubble bath Brando made for me. Now I'm off to catch up on Ugly Betty. Such a fun weekend!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Best Party Ev-ah

Best birthday party we've pulled off for Justinbustin that is. Five kids ended up showing, plus some siblings! They played for three straight hours, running around, playing on the dolphin and alligator floatie, playing with water guns, and generally having a blast. The best part was it was 80 degrees but overcast enough to have a cool breeze and keep the regular Saturday drunkie partiers away and so we had the whole pool to ourselves! It's so cute, he and his bro have been absolutely quiet playing with the gifts in their room for the last two hours. Tonight we're off to a birthday party for the aforementioned *ahem* girl!

Friday, May 04, 2007

The World of Friends

We all know there are guy players out there. Are there girls out there who play friends too? The girls who keep girls on the line but doesn't actually get close to them? I understand not having time to get together with people and all that as much as the next person, but I am NOT one to say "Oh yes I'd LOVE to get together with you." and then not actually tie myself down to a date until six months later. I either make the date or say, "Gosh I really would love to get together with you, but I am going to be sooo busy these next few months, can we touch base down the road?" This girl in my Sunday School class has the first sort of attitude with people. She is bugging the s**t out of me which REALLY bugs me because girls don't usually get to me like that. I'm trying to figure her out, which obviously does me no good.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Note to Self

Next year plan Justinbustin's birthday party at the end of May when five million events are not going on. Not a single evite has sat in my evite inbox since December. Now there are four, three of which are on the same day as J's party. Not to mention J's friends have a million events going on themselves. Last year I inadvertantly planned his party on Mother's Day as I was using a calendar from Ireland. Apparently the Irish don't celebrate Mother's Day, at least not on the same day as the US. Anywho one kid showed up and his cousins. We threw a knight party, had a blast, and he declared it his best birthday ever, so I didn't feel so bad. This year two kids, maybe three, will be there. There's at least two more that would love to come if the first Saturday in May wasn't such a dang popular Saturday. I'm just fine with that because I prefer small parties, but it's also fun to have big parties with lots of friends. So. Next year. J's party. End of May. Or at least not the first two Saturdays. Hey, having him born on Mother's Day was incredible, planning a party around it - not so much.


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