Friday, July 20, 2018

Mamapreneur thoughts: Mamapreneur Dates

Mamapreneur. Success. Work. Home. What do those four words have in common? Lonely. Being a mamapreneur often means isolation at your home during the five day work week.

Especially when your business is producing any sort of significant amount. You may have a show where you get to interact with the best clients in the world. You have your kids swirling around your feet in and out of Mother's Day Out programs, mother's helpers, preschools, schools, etc. You may interact with clients during the work week on occasion. You have an interactive social media platform.

For the most part you are home producing. Alone.

Mamapreneur thought: co-working mama dates. Drop a kid off, bring a computer, meet a mamapreneur friend or two, work next to them on your computer for the computer things you need to do behind the scenes of producing. These could be arranged nationwide so individuals don't have to come up with the structure.

Mamapreneur thoughts: Nothing But Fruit Diet


A stomach bug that led to five pounds lost, three days of nauseousness and two foods that I eat. The only things I could stomach those three days were smoothies, fruit, and a few slices of nitrate free lunch meat. After noticing I continued to lose weight, I figured why not keep eating those things.

A four wheeling adventure that led to three weeks of soft diet, caused by one log to the face leading to two weeks of soft diet causing the fruit diet to continue.

So I added some hemp protein to my morning smoothie and called it a breakfast. Cherries, peaches, apricots, strawberries, blackberries, all organic thanks to Trader Joe's that keep organic attainable, throughout the day and called it a snack. A few slices of Trader Joe's smoked turkey meat or roast beef and called it a lunch. Soup or some other kind of soft meal and called it a dinner.

Two months later, my nails are longer, whiter and stronger than they have been in... ever. I've managed to keep ten pounds off. And haven't drank a single glass of water in those two months. In a hundred degree southern heat.

Mamapreneur thought: Nothing But Fruit diet. Eat your water. There's been more than one instafamous person who has made a career out of what they did or didn't eat. Nothing But Fruit can be the next.

Mamapreneur Thoughts: 26% Finances

How old were you when you learned the average cost of housing is 26% of a family's net income? I was today years old.

After several informal polls in Austin's massive mom facebook groups, I discovered many households fall under this average of mortgage or rent cost to net income at 7%, 16%, 20%, a few at 30%. Only one at 50%. Had I learned this earlier in life we may not have been so broke throughout life. We have always been at 50% or higher.

Mamapreneur thought: teach finances based on percentages to children and young adults. What average percentage is housing, utilities, food, gas, insurance, retirement, entertainment. Instead of numbers which mean nothing to an income of a different budget, show percentages. You could delve even further and investigate averages for investors. What is their percentage of their net income they put into investments?


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