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Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love to have you here. My Uniquely Travel Guides cover local places I have lived in both in Austin, Texas, and Santa Cruz, California, as well as other places as I have opportunities to visit them such as Oahu, Hawaii, and Pismo Beach, California. I also occasionally cover personal goals in fitness, style, and entertainment. Over everything, I love to talk about my family, and fully incorporate my family life into each post.

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Would you like me to write a review for your business or event? I would love to review your place of business. My travels can only take me so far, and I would love the opportunity to go to more places, be it in my own hometown, or elsewhere. My boys and my husband are a package deal where ever I go. The advantage being a review that includes the kids' and a significant others'  perspective as well. If a place is geared more towards couples, we will fly to San Jose, California, first, for the kids to stay with grandparents, then fly or drive the remainder of the trip from there. My personal guidelines are, if I like your place of business I will write one of my thorough, detailed, and glowing reviews that I love to write about places I love and post it here on Austin Sun Drops. If I don't like the experience I have at your place of business, I will let you know discreetly and give you the opportunity to remedy it. I will, however, very rarely post about a place I do not like, one, because I don't want to waste the space on my blog, and, two, not everybody has the same tastes, likes, or dislikes, as I do. The rare case would be when the service is extremely rude, opportunity has been given to remedy the situation and it has not been remedied. In this case, I would want my fellow bloggers to be forewarned in order to avoid being rudely treated as much as I would like to be forewarned! I will always disclose whether a particular activity was sponsored.

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Speaking of sponsors, would you like to sponsor Austin Sun Drops? Your sponsorship will allow the breadth of my reviews to grow, thus increasing my traffic, and your business. Google Analytics information is available upon request. Your ad will be placed in my sidebar underneath "View My Complete Profile". I will only consider ads to places I would personally visit and endorse, and will always mention when I am reviewing a product from a sponsor.

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