Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Have I Mentioned Point Lobos, yet?

A friend of mine suggested I put a disclaimer by our vacation photos saying, "by the way, we're home now.", due to the very slow progress I've been making on posting the large amount of photos we love to take making it appear as if we are one very long vacation. We are indeed home, and the photos have barely been touched.

Point Lobos, California, was the start of what was to have been our PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, coastal trip. Unfortunately for the residents living along the Pacific Coast Highway, but fortunately for us, there was a mud slide along the Pacific Coast Highway shutting it down, and we ended up having time to stay in Carmel for dinner with my lovely Aunt and Uncle at Pebble Beach, whose guest home we stayed in once we got to Pismo Beach. Before we met them at Pismo Beach we made a run by Point Lobos. I had seen a friend's photos of Point Lobos and the color of the water blew me away.
I couldn't believe there was a place in California that has that gorgeous, turquoise color. Now, I won't say that I wasn't fretting the whole time that I wasn't able to capture the color on film, but fortunately that was mostly just me fretting because the pictures captured the beauty just as I was hoping.

Point Lobos is located at the very north end of Big Sur, just after Pebble Beach
and 17 mile drive.
In all my years growing up in the Monterey Bay area and driving up Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway coast for lunch, I didn't know Point Lobos existed until I had seen my friend's photos, and the minute I saw them I knew we had to go. Point Lobos is situated on just that -- a point out in the ocean. There are about three miles of hiking trails surrounding the point, and plenty of parking spots if you don't have the time to hike. We didn't have time to hike, so I mapped out the different areas for us to park and walk around.
 We made sure to make the overlook where plenty of seals lounge in the sun, and where Brando took my favorite recent photo of me.
We started at a hidden bay for divers,

explored tide pools and textured rocks,
 and found gorgeous hidden nooks and crannies, coves and beaches galore.
I can't wait to go back and explore more!

Watching the Royal Wedding Now

Thank goodness the internet and YouTube's replaying of Prince William's and Princess Catherine's wedding is happening so I didn't have to wake up at an ungodly hour. Is it just me, or is Princess Catherine the new Princess Diana? Sorry if that sounds disrespectful to say, it just seems like the world is worshiping her like they did Princess Diana. They ARE an adorable couple
Photo Credit: Mirror News in the UK
and so far the luxury and the finery, and even the old worldness (yes I totally just made up that phrase) of England is fascinating (SPOILER ALERT for those who missed it),

Love this altar piece in front of them!!

Wouldn't you love to be dressed up like this for a wedding?

Love the beard!

The pure adornment of it makes me want to get married in a cathedral in England!

 My favorite view is this angle from above. Stunning.


 Blessing the ring

 Putting on the ring

Love this look to her as she's about to say her vows

Love her smile just before she said her vows.

Did you wake up at an ungodly hour to watch the royal wedding?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Google Followers and Google Friend Connect

Anybody familiar with Google Followers and Google Friend Connect? They both seem a bit quirky to me, but I'd love to figure out how to use them. From what I can see, Google Followers allows you to follow a blog. As I add all my subscriptions through Google Reader, though, I don't understand if following someone through Google Follower translates to a reader at any point, or you just end up having a list of blogs you're interested in. The other part I can't figure out is how to make sure your site is linked when you click on your picture when you are just signed up to follow and not part of Google Friend Connect. I LOVE all the followers I have, but for some of them I don't know how to actually get to their blog. When I click on their picture Google shows me the sites they follow but not their own blog. Do you use Google Follower to follow blogs, and, if you do, what are your thoughts on it? By the way, if you follow me and I haven't visited you leave your blog in a comment on this post so I can come say hi!
Google Friend Connect appears to be able to add a friend as you would on facebook. Does anyone use Google Friend Connect? The benefit here seems to be that it accurately lists your own blog link when someone clicks on your picture. However, that appears to be the only benefit. I haven't actually added any friends, yet, though. Perhaps I am missing something.

I found the answer here, although I am still a bit confused. I did find this bit of information particularly interesting, though: "Note: Friend connected sites use the terms 'Member' and 'Join' in place of 'Follower' and 'Follow' respectively."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Love when I hear people look to Brando and I for an example for their own relationship or desire of a relationship. Took a friend to a birthday lunch today and was so excited that her and her hubby had gone to Virginia for a vacation just recently. I mentioned how healthy it is to take vacations as a couple, and she said, "I realized that from watching you and Brando. From watching how you prioritize your relationship and making time for it with all the vacations you take and the outings you do, and how it has worked well for you."

 I literally smiled and clapped my hands with glee I was so giddy that something we had done inspired her to make time for her relationship and her hubby. They are a super neat couple, regardless. Brando photographed their wedding, and they have always been one of the couples we absolutely adore and admire for who they are. It was neat to hear her say that, and it's still making me smile.


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